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Lumberjack Booster Club president Donny Masterson stand in front of the five acre plot of land by the high school that the club plans to turn into a multipurpose athletics field. The land will host softball, baseball and soccer fields.

The Lumberjack Booster Club aims to create a new field to bring high school athletics to one place.

The club plans to turn a five-acre plot by the high school gym into a multipurpose field that will host baseball, softball and soccer games. The project is still in its first stages, but booster club president Donny Masterson says that it will be worth the wait.

“We know it’s going to take a little while to complete this project,” Mr. Masterson said. “We want it to be done right though and I know it’ll be great once we finish. It’s not much right now, but I have a pretty good vision, ‘it’s our field of dreams.’”

He said the booster club has $40,000 set aside for the project and they look to raise more money via booster club events and concessions.

“This is the community’s money, we’ve made it through the hamburgers we sell at games and when we do our annual sports auction,” Mr. Masterson said. “We want to create something special so that community members can see what their money went toward.”

Mr. Masterson said the next step of the project is to control the weeds in the field so that crews can lay down top-soil, install a sprinkler system and then hydro-seed. He said that those processes are a milestone he’d would like to hit by next spring. He said it’s hard to estimate when the project will be completed.

“I don’t really have a time frame, again it really just depends on cost,” Mr. Masterson said. “Completing the steps we want to make by next spring will cost roughly $65,000, so we are trying to hit it hard with our fundraising this year.”

He mentioned that the irrigation system and having a fence installed would be the most costly parts of the project. Mr. Masterson said that there is no rush and that the booster club just wants to make sure a good job is done.

“It would be great to at least get a green field down so it can be used for soccer, and then over time install the baseball fields,” Mr. Masterson said.

Mr. Masterson also said the field would be open to use for recreation activities even during the summer.

“The whole idea is to have a green area, in the off season it would be nice to have a place for the kids to come out and enjoy, maybe play Frisbee golf or something,” Mr. Masterson said. “We could eventually have picnic tables and other activities at the field.”

Mr. Masterson said he would love to centralize high school sports into one area, a lot like other high schools. He said that it would be more convenient for athletes and parents, and the high school would no longer have to pay fees to use city owned fields for high school athletics.

He said the project was started in fall of 2018, when crews graded and leveled the plot of land. He said they also dug a trench around an area close to the gym’s parking lot to help with water drainage.

The booster club will have their 10th annual Lumberjack Hall of Fame banquet and auction on Nov. 15. Proceeds will go towards the field project.

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