Benewah and Kootenai county residents who want to run for city council and school board positions have turned in their declarations; here’s who will run this year:

In St. Maries, one newcomer, Laci L. St. John will run against incumbents Randall Saunders, Edward Spooner and Laci Hanson for one of the three city council positions up for election this year. Benewah County Deputy Clerk Lynn Ragan said that the top three candidates with the most votes will take the three seats up for election.

In the St. Maries School District #41, Mark Reynolds has declared candidacy for Zone 3, Sandy Kennelly for Zone 4, and Jody Terrell for Zone 5. All three candidates currently will run unopposed for the three zones.

The city of Plummer had a city council member enter the race for mayor and some new faces enter for city council positions.

William Weems and current city council member, Tim Clark, will run against each other for mayor of Plummer.

Julie Miller and newcomer Laticia Kennar will run unopposed for the two open city council seats.

In the Plummer-Worley Joint School District #44 new faces join the race. Jan Mitchell will run unopposed for Zone 4 and Sara Allen will run unopposed for Zone 5.

Incumbent Tami Gauthier will rerun for Zone 2, and incumbent Marlow Thompson will run for Zone 6. Both incumbents will run unopposed.

The city of Tensed only has newcomers that will enter the race for city council positions and mayor.

Richard Keaveny will run unopposed for mayor of Tensed.

Vern Fritsche and Ben Koester will both run unopposed for four-year term city council positions.

Harrison also has some new faces that will run for city council positions. A few incumbents will be on the ballot this year as well.

Joe Cornell, Valerie Harris and Linda Lacitinola are the new comers that will run for city council positions.

Jordan Hall, currently appointed Mayor of Harrison, will rerun for his city council position and incumbent Nick John will also rerun for city council.

Wanda Irish will run unopposed for Mayor of Harrison.

The Kootenai School District has two school board positions open, but only one person filed according to the district secretary, Cindy Shannon.

Amanda Reinhardt filed to run for Zone 2. Zone 3 is up for election this year, but no one has declared candidacy for the position, not even incumbent Ralph Kahn.

Finally Worley will elect a mayor and two city council positions. There were no newcomers to this years race.

Incombent Charlene Waddell will again run for mayor and is unopposed in the race.

Incumbents Karen Babbitt and Robert Wienclaw will both run unopposed for their city council seats.

Mrs. Ragan said candidates in Benwah County can still be written into the race if filed by Sept. 20.

“People can still end up on the ballot,” Mrs. Ragan said. “If no one opposes anyone running, there won’t be a need for an election on those positions.”

Harrison City Clerk Amber Johnson said candidates that want to be written in in Kootenai County also have to do so by Sept 20. She said that unlike Benewah County, there will be an election for every available position even if some candidates are running unopposed.

This year’s election will be Tuesday Nov. 5.

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