Idaho Elks award VVC $500K grant

Leo Potter of the St. Maries Elks Lodge stands with Valley Vista CEO, Chuck Lloyd. Valley Vista will use the $500,000 Elks' grant on the expansion of its rehab and therapy center. 

Valley Vista Care will receive a $500,000 grant from the Idaho Elks Rehab Foundation (IERF) to pay for equipment costs.

The funding for Valley Vista was approved last week at the Idaho State Elks convention in Caldwell, Idaho.

The grant is one of the IERF's larger grants to be awarded this year, and the funds will assist Valley Vista Care's remodel and expansion that started last summer. The half-million dollars will pay for state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment and the expansion of Valley Vista's therapy facilities in St. Maries.

“This grant was just one of those things where people were at the right place at the right time,” Elks Lodge Leading Knight and Valley Vista board member Leo Potter said. “It fell into the time frame of the Idaho Elks Rehab grant cycle.”

Mr. Potter, being involved with both the Elks Lodge and Valley Vista, saw the need for funding on the project. When the time was right he addressed both parties and talked to Valley Vista Care's CEO, Chuck Lloyd, about applying for the grant.

Mr. Lloyd said that having the rehab equipment in St. Maries will be more convenient for residents.

“Typically when a resident has to have surgery out of town, they have to stay for rehab,” Mr. Lloyd said, ”but with the facility here they can have surgery and come home. People tend to get better faster when home and around family.”

“Residents will also avoid a three hour round trip just to get rehab or therapy,” Mr. Potter added.

Mr. Lloyd said that the grant will allow for Valley Vista to provide private therapy treatment spaces. Those spaces would allow therapists to provide cardiac, stroke, and orthopedic rehabilitation to residents. He said that they will also be able to purchase a new walk-in aquatic therapy pool.

“We will be able to provide private treatment spaces, and aquatic therapy, which we don't have currently,” Mr. Lloyd said. “Without the grant we wouldn't have been able to provide something like that.”

Mr. Lloyd said that they have yet to break ground on the site where they plan to expand the rehabilitation and therapy center. He said that they will hopefully be able start on the construction around spring 2020.

He said that the Idaho Elks Rehab Foundation will co-brand with Valley Vista on the new center. The Idaho Elks will also feature a legacy wall in the new center, which will highlight the group's long history in medical care and rehibilitation.

Idaho State Elks Rehab was originally a medical facility in Boise Idaho. Mr. Potter said that center is now St. Luke's Rehabilitation. He said after the change of ownership that the Idaho State Elks were left with a pool of money that the group has decided to use to give out as grants around Idaho.

“They wanted to continue to support rehabilitation services and branch it out throughout all of Idaho,” Mr. Potter said.

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