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PotlatchDeltic volunteer firefighter D.J. Medley hands a free fire extinguisher to a PotlatchDeltic employee as they enter the complex. The company's volunteer fire department handed out the extinguishers to promote fire safety month. 

PotlatchDeltic cares about it’s employee’s safety, especially when it comes to at home fire safety.

On Oct. 24 the volunteer fire department at PotlatchDeltic handed out two and a half pound fire extinguishers to employees to promote Fire Safety Month. The complex bought 400 fire extinguishers for employees to take home.

“Most of our employees don’t have a fire extinguisher at home,” PotlatchDeltic Safety Coordinator Mary McGreal said. “I’ve had some of our employees who do have an extinguisher say they couldn’t remember the last time they even checked their fire extinguisher.”

Ms. McGreal said that they train all their employee’s annually on incipient stage fires and that includes training on the use of fire extinguishers and fire hose training.

“We try to encourage safety at home as well as safety on the complex,” Ms. McGreal said. “We share several informational topics throughout the year and some of those topics pertaining to fire safety include BBQ safety, electrical heater safety, use of Christmas lights, wild land fire safety, etc..”

PotlatchDeltic Fire Chief Ron Dickerson said that employee home safety affects the complex’s overall production and safety.

“It benefits us (PotlatchDeltci.) Chief Dickerson said. “If we have one disruption with an employee down here it affects 100 employees, and that’s where we come from on the safety side of things.”

He also mentioned that PotlatchDeltic handed out chimney sweepers for those who have fireplaces among other items that promote safety. He said that the complex has handed out batteries for smoke detectors as well as gifted smoke detectors to employees who have said that they do not have one.

Chief Dickson said that the timing of handing out the extinguishers fits a time of year where fire hazards tend to increase.

“As we head into October a lot of people are burning wood in fireplaces,” Chief Dickerson said. “After that we have Thanksgiving where people are baking and cooking. Then you roll into Christmas and people have their Christmas trees. We remind them on the safety of these things like watering trees or being safe around ovens and stoves because that could prevent someone from losing their house and ruining their Christmas. It can save a life.”

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