Two suspects were arraigned in relation to a burglary and multiple counts of grand theft that occurred Jan. 7.

Charles Michael Covey and Travis Clinton Thompson are accused of burglarizing a Sanders Road residence and stealing two vehicles during their spree.

Mr. Covey was also charged with leaving the scene of an accident. According to the police report Mr. Covey was operating a silver Chevy pickup registered to Mr. Thompson when they struck a school bus and continued driving.

A witness said they sped around a county vehicle and then struck the St. Maries District 41 school bus which was stuck in snow at the intersection of Pioneer Trail and Little Carpenter Creek Road.

According to the police report, the silver pickup was later found “slid off the roadway and was resting against several trees,” with fresh body damage and paint. The paint transferred was reported as “school bus yellow.”

After losing control of the vehicle, the two suspects proceeded on foot to a residence on Elkhorn Meadows road where they sought help recovering the vehicle. For unreported reasons the two were turned away and proceeded to another nearby residence where they stole a 1997 Dodge pickup.

A witness said that she saw the men approaching her property and went to meet them at her front door. She then heard her roommates truck start up and when she got to the door saw it speeding down the driveway onto Elkhorn Meadows Road.

The owner of the Dodge told police he left the keys in the vehicle “because they live in a rural area.”

According to the police report Mr. Covey and Mr. Thompson then proceeded to the Sanders Road residence where they kicked in the door, stole the contents of a purse and the keys to a Toyota 4-Runner.

They then stole the Toyota 4-Runner and left behind the previously stolen Dodge.

Police later found Mr. Thompson’s cell phone and a distinctly marked bag witnesses said Mr. Covey was carrying, inside the stolen Dodge. Police also matched a partial boot print left near the Dodge to Mr. Covey’s boots.

The following day, Jan. 8, Mr. Thompson filed a stolen vehicle report with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office. According to police Mr. Thompson reported his silver Chevy was stolen by “Red” a known alias of Charles Michael Covey.

Mr. Thompson told police he did not report the theft of his vehicle when it occurred because he was high on drugs at the time.

Mr. Thompson later confessed to the burglary and both vehicle thefts when interviewed by a Spokane County detective. He said he stole the Dodge pickup because “he was in fear for his life.”

In court Mr. Thompson said that the crimes he committed were caused by a drug relapse. He and Mr. Covey have a history of drug related crimes.

Spokane City Police were able to locate the Toyota 4-Runner, based on Mr. Thompson’s confession, and return it to the rightful owner.

Mr. Covey and Mr. Thompson are scheduled for sentencing May 15, 2020.

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