The St. Maries Public Library plans to celebrate its most recent remodel, and the public is invited to the festivities.

The library will host an open house where visitors will have a chance to learn more about their local library. Those who attend will be able to chat with librarians as well as catch up on upcoming events and library projects.

Librarian Pinky Humphrey said that she and the other employees of the public library wanted to celebrate some of the renovations that had been made to the library over the past year.

The biggest addition is a new check-out counter that was constructed in early December.

“It is a way better work space,” Ms. Humphrey said. “Plus we were starting to get larger turnouts for our after-school activities, and we were needing the space.”

After school-activities have become a primary focus for the library. The library provides a space for local children to participate in STEM challenges for prizes, and space is provided for a weekly story hour.

The library’s most recent successful activities, a NASA workshop in October and story time with Santa in December, both garnished well over 20 children at each event. Ms. Humphrey said that she hopes to continue to have that kind of success rate with events, especially after adding more space to conduct such activities in.

The library also provides adult and children’s computer areas. The additional space added by moving the counter provides not only a space for children to have their own separate computer lab, but also additional book shelves have been slotted into the new space.

“We were able to get these new book shelves thanks to the county library,” Ms. Humphrey said.

She said that showing attendees the new renovations will hopefully show them that the library is committed to improving and providing a safe and educational place for children and adults alike.

“We really want to show our patrons where their tax dollars go,” Ms. Humphrey said.

She also added that even more book cases had been added in the children’s section and the library was also able to purchase end-caps for a majority of the book shelves throughout the library.

The open house will give area residents the opportunity to see the new additions and improvements while enjoying refreshments and conversation.

Those who attend will also have a chance to win a “Winter Basket” by entering into a drawing. The basket will include a few books, hot chocolate and a warm blanket among other cozy items.

The open house will be on Friday, Jan. 10 from 3 to 5 p.m.

For more information contact the St. Maries Public Library at 208-245-3732.

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