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Lutheran Church member, Ginny Gaines, has organized the Comfort Quilts program at the church for over five years now. She said that due to COVID-19 restrictions the groups gatherings will be different this year and instead she is making kits so that volunteers can quilt from home.

The St. Paul’s Lutheran Church’s Comfort Quilt program saw good participation last year from local residents despite the gathering limitations put in place by COVID-19 restrictions.

This year, though, organizers of the program intend to produce the quilts a bit differently.

Organizer, Ginny Gaines, said that the sixth year of running the program will be conducted differently than normal in order to follow COVID-19 restrictions.

As a result the group plans to not gather this year. Instead Ms. Gaines said that she plans to create quilting kits that residents can take home and sew.

She said that anyone with even a small amount of skill or experience is welcome to make quilts.

“If you can at least sew in a straight line then you are more than capable of helping put the quilts together,” Ms. Gaines said. “The effort from the community has been great.”

Last year the program was able to generate 110 quilts that were given to the Benewah Community Hospital. BCH then hands out the blankets to children patients who have to stay overnight at the hospital.

Of the 110 quilts, 67 were produced by local congregation members, the other 43 were produced and donated by members of the Plummer Mennonite Church.

“It was awesome to see have them sew so many quilts, it really helped us out,” Ms. Gaines said. “Mary Troyer found out about what we were doing through Facebook and got some women from the church together to help us out.”

Ms. Gaines said that despite the changes to how the program will operate this year, she hopes that the program will be able to generate more than 90 quilts. The participation from other groups in the county may encourage more residents to join in on the cause.

For more information or to be involved in the Comfort Quilts program, contact Ms. Gaines at 208-582-1860 or call the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at 208-245-5420.

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