A new job opportunity has arrived for residents of St. Maries.

The Milling Center, soon to be St. Maries’ newest recreation center, is seeking new hires. Ellie Getchius, one of the owners of the new center, said that they will need to fill all positions before they are able to announce an official opening date.

“All the positions advertised would have to be filled,” Mrs. Getchius said. “The volunteer base we can build up but anything less would have us operating too much of a skeleton crew to adequately supervise and support a building of that size and programs we have laid out.”

The Milling Center currently has six positions that need filled posted on its website. The positions range anywhere from volunteering to chef and barista jobs at the Rough Cut Cafe, which will be located within the center.

The group is also hiring a play care coordinator and a director of activities for the non-profit that is ran out of the Milling Center, St. Maries Youth Roots.

Mrs. Getchius said that so far the hiring process has been positive and that the group hopes to fill all of the available positions by the beginning of January.

“We are halfway through our two week open period for applications. We have had inquiries leading up to it about hiring and messages since posting clarifying points,” Mrs Getchius said. “I am feeling good about the feedback and interest received so far and look forward to more during this next week.”

The center has been an extensive project that has been under construction since last year. The new center will provide an area for children to play and participate in after school activities.

According to the Milling Center’s social media, the center will feature a small café with wifi, a conference room that will be available for independent classes, group meetings and more. There will be an additional study and art room and on-site play care.

There will also be an indoor play area and a large rec room, which will feature pool tables, table hockey, and more. A full kitchen will be available for use by staff and for events. The center will also feature a small fitness room equipped with bathrooms and showers. Lastly the Milling Center will provide on-site art and technology equipment available for use such as laptops, printing, pastels, and oil paints.

The Milling Center currently has paper applications available for pick up, or those interested can apply online at millingcenter.org.

Mrs. Getchius said that applications will be accepted through Jan. 4.

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