After a career that took him to New York, Connecticut and North Dakota, Dr. John McNulty thinks St. Maries has something special, and he’s proud to call it home.

“It’s a hardworking community, it’s a beautiful place to live, and I’m happy we’re going to retire here,” he said.

McNulty retires today after being an orthopedic surgeon at Benewah Community Hospital (BCH) since 1998. He has worked in joint replacement, arthroscopy, fractures, trauma care and general orthopedic surgery.

He’s also stayed on the cutting edge of his work. In 2002, McNulty was the first surgeon in the Northwest to perform a Signature customized total knee replacement, which uses MRI scans to create custom-made knee replacements.

BCH has announced that Dr. Gregg Schellack will join the hospital as an orthopedic surgeon beginning in January. Right now, Shellack practices in Alaska, and has also served as a surgeon in the U.S. Navy.

“We’re really excited to have him be part of the hospital,” said BCH CEO Chuck Lloyd. “His practice also includes pediatrics, which is a great addition. This is the perfect area for him. We all seemed to mesh really well.”

Lloyd also praised McNulty for his years of service to St. Maries and the surrounding area.

“I’ve only worked with him for about a year and a half, but he’s wonderful,” he said. “He’s been a huge asset to our community.”

The community has also been a good fit for McNulty. After graduating medical school at Columbia University and completing his internship and residency in the Northeast, he found that the culture of North Idaho was a good fit for his work.

“It’s nice having hardworking, motivated patients that want to get better, and sometimes that motivation isn’t there, but I know they’re putting in the effort to get back to work,” he said. “That was rewarding.”

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