Local businesses have donated $8850 in support of the Timber Plus RV park project.

The money raised will help with the approval process of the RV park grant. Alex Barta, Timber Plus Economic Development Director, says that the matched funds will help Benewah County determine the amount it will pledge to the project.

Mr. Barta also said that the more money the community raises, the better the RV park grant will score during the review process.

The grant is proposed to be applied for through the Idaho Parks and Recreation fund.

Timber Plus donated the largest amount of money which totaled at $5000 with the second largest contribution being added by Avista at $1000.

Other businesses and organizations in St. Maries pledged a few hundred dollars apiece towards helping Timber Plus meet its goal of raising $12,000.

Currently Mr. Barta seeks feedback from various RV enthusiasts throughout the county and northern Idaho.

He said that the input from those people is crucial for helping Timber Plus and the county decide how to construct the RV park when the time comes.

“We want to hear from people who like to RV a lot, and those who stay at a lot of parks,” Mr. Barta said. “We want to hear what kind of RV park is wanted by community members. We want to build something that people want and will like.”

Timber Plus and Benewah County are currently in the works of finding a plot of land in which to build the RV park upon.

Mr. Barta said that at the moment there is no new information regarding the land negotiating process. He and the county are currently working out details on how to move forward with negotiating with landowners on pricing.

Those who are interested in submitting feedback to Mr. Barta can send a letter to Timber Plus at PO Box 338.

“Any input helps,” Mr. Barta. “We want people to want to park their RV's here and want to come to St. Maries.”

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