Everything was business as usual at Monday’s council meeting except it was conducted over the phone.

Mayor Tom Carver said meetings may continue to be held via teleconference depending on what takes place in the coming week with the COVID-19 virus.

St. Maries’ council members addressed 12 business items March 23.

Council members voiced their disdain for the progress made in regards to Railroad Avenue. However, they approved a pay request for $5,782.84 in connection with the project.

“I’d really like to see something done with all the money put out,” Steve Dorendorf said.

Ed Spooner said it bothered him the city didn’t seem to be in the loop of what was happening with the project. Mr. Dorendorf agrees.

“I’m not sure exactly what the plan is now,” he said.

An open house for the project has been postponed due to concerns with the COVID-19 virus.

The council voted unanimously to approve a vacation request for Robert and Lelia Solom. The city agreed to vacate 15 feet of 22nd Street near their residence to allow the couple to put a new home on their lot. A request from Craig Wicks was also approved for the St. Maries Chamber of Commerce to use the amphitheater for concerts this summer. Concerts will be held Fridays from June 5 to Aug. 28.

The Tubbs Field Lease Agreement was approved. Some minor changes will be made and the council granted the mayor permission to sign the lease once finalized.

In regards to the sewer project, the city approved seeking interim financing for the project from Washington Trust Bank. Interest rate will be 2.05 percent. Two pay requests were also approved: one for a waterline replacement, $2,084.96, and one for sewer replacement, $7,303.71.

The council had the final reading for the dog ordinance. Mr. Dorendorf said the people he has talked to have been happy with the changes.

Finally, the city moved forward with an agreement for prosecuting attorney services with Mariah Dunham. The city will be charged a hourly fee of $110 under the agreement and $60 for staff services.

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