Last week Governor Brad Little announced that the state will enter Phase 2 of his economic reopening plan, and local restaurants and salons were eager to open.

Restaurants, gyms, and hair salons were given the OK to open their doors on Saturday May 16.

Suntan Hair Salon Owner and Stylist Della Kennon said that her businesses is already booked until next month.

“We are booked up until the first part of June already,” Ms. Kennon said. “It’s been crazy, but we knew it would be that way.”

She said that luckily the hair salon was able to bring back all of its employees but finding a way to efficiently take care of their clients while following CDC guidelines has been a challenge.

“It has been pretty hard since we can't have extra clients in the building at a time,” Ms. Kennon said. “We can’t work at the capacity that we normally work at.”

“We are very thankful to be open and that our clients have been patient with us,” Ms. Kennon said.

The Hidden Beauty Salon was also among local businesses to confirm that they were reopening. The salon is currently making room in its schedule to take on more clients.

Hidden Beauty has also listed some protocols when entering their business. Clients must wash their hands upon entry and they must leave outside items such as food and bags in their vehicles.

A full list of their protocols can be found on their Facebook page.

A handful of local restaurants opened back up in Benewah County and many of them were happy to bring back all of their employees.

“We are bringing everyone back,” Cabin City Q employee Kaitie Turner said.

Ms. Turner said that Cabin City Q’s restaurant lounge will reopen with new protocols.

“We are getting rid of about 50 percent of our seating and tables will be 10 feet apart,” Ms. Turner said. “There will be constant sanitizing and cleaning, and employees will be required to wear masks.”

The Gateway Cafe in Plummer is also following similar rules such as mask requirements and consistent cleaning. The cafe also plans to serve individual condiment packets opposed to serving bottles that are touched by multiple people throughout the day.

Heide’s, the Eagles Lodge, the Grapple, the Timber lodge Cafe and the Grub Box were among other restaurants to reopen Saturday following CDC and Panhandle Health guidelines.

Phase 2 of the governor’s reopening plan is expected to last until May 29 if all parts of the safety criteria continue to be met.

Bars, nightclubs and gathering of groups larger than 50 people won’t be permitted until May 30 if Idahoans enter phase 3 of the plan.

More information on the phases can be found at

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