A man who stole from a local jewelry store pleaded guilty and received a sentence in Idaho Nov. 8.

Daniel Seyferth was handed a four-year minimum sentence and a $40,000 fine in Idaho for breaking into Schumacker’s Jewelry in St. Maries. However, he will serve most of that time in the Washington, where he is now serving a 43 month sentence, before being transferred to Idaho to serve the remaining time.

Seyferth admitted to committing the burglary at Schumacker’s Jewelry July 7, 2017 in St. Maries. Police reports said that he gained access to the business through a side door by using a drill, then took a large amount of jewelry from store displays. He was reportedly forced to flee after becoming frightened by the store’s alarm system going off. He fled the area in a red Subaru.

The Benewah County Sheriff’s Office was able to retrieve significant evidence from the scene, including surveillance video and fingerprints from the power tools he left behind.

More incriminating evidence was found in Spokane three days later. The Spokane Police Department located a stolen vehicle – a red Subaru – abandoned on a lot in the city. The car was returned to the owner, but they soon reported finding items that didn’t belong to them – specifically, a number of empty jewelry boxes from Schumaker’s Jewelry.

Evidence found in and on the vehicle, including hand-prints and video from the car theft, linked the crime to Seyferth. Reports indicated that he also stole a number of other vehicles in Spokane County. He was arrested several times between July and October, but was released.

His final arrest came Dec. 19 when police tried to stop him for a broken headlight. He attempted to elude police, but lost control in snow and was arrested. Several other stolen items were found in the vehicle, which itself bore license plates stolen from another vehicle. Seyferth indicated to officers that the thefts were to pay for heroin, which he used daily.

Seyferth was sentenced in his Washington cases in April 2019, and was given a 43-month sentence there. He was then scheduled for proceedings in Idaho on local charges, and was transferred to Benewah County for a hearing Nov. 8.

Judge Scott Wayman accepted Seyferth’s guilty plea, and issued him a combined sentence of four years fixed, six years indeterminate in an Idaho penitentiary. However, he also made the sentence concurrent with his Washington sentence. This means he will be credited for time served in Washington before being transferred to the Idaho Department of Corrections to serve the remainder of his sentence.

In addition, Judge Wayman ordered $40,000 restitution be paid to the owners of Schumaker’s Jewelry for the theft of their inventory. This fine has not been paid.

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