The RV park project, proposed by Timber Plus, will now be supported by Benewah County.

The county decided to support the project after being approached by members of Timber Plus. The county has decided to back Timber Plus in writing the grant, and they will help with searching for and negotiating prices on potential properties.

Alex Barta said that working with the county on the project ended up being the best route. Mr. Barta said that unfortunately the city of St. Maries was not interested in moving forward with the project.

“We decided to take it to the county, and they said yes. The county commissioners all seemed really supportive of the project,” Mr. Barta said. “There was no question of whether the RV park was a good idea or not.”

Mr. Barta said that the county would gain a revenue stream through the RV park.

“It's (the county) involvement is basically really good the project,” Mr. Barta said. “The park is a potential money maker and the county realizes it. The more money the county can make, the better for Benewah County residents and the county itself.”

Mr. Barta said that Timber Plus needs to raise $12,000 between now and when they go to apply for the grant through Idaho Parks and Recreation. He said that Timber Plus has had multiple successful grants go through Parks and Recreation and the Waterways Fund.

“We have done a lot of projects where we have received grant funding through Idaho Parks and Recreation. We've done the two dock replacement projects at Aqua and Cherry Bend Boaters Parks. It shows that we are committed to improving and that we can pull those projects off,” Mr. Barta said. “Benewah County is continuing to build a good relationship with Parks and Recreation.”

He said the more money they raise, the more it will increase the chances of the grant being approved and it will be less financial pressure on the county.

Mr. Barta said that if all goes to plan with the RV park, it could potentially benefit local businesses in the St. Maries area.

“The park would bring hundreds of people through town,” Mr. Barta said. “It would be very good for the local economy. We want to make sure that we do the RV park right, we can't skimp.”

He also said that he hopes that if the project is successful that it will encourage more projects of its kind throughout the county.

“The nice thing about the project going to the county is that if the project works around St. Maries, then there is no reason why we can't do even more projects like this around the county,” Mr. Barta said.

Mr. Barta said that Timber Plus needs letters of support from the public. He said that they would like to hear from local residents on the issue as well as campers and RV enthusiasts in the area.

Letters can be sent to P.O. Box 338, St. Maries ID, 83861, or submitted by email to

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