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Kellogg residents Derek Furman, Paul Beaman and wife Lisa Beaman (not pictured) opened Exile Art Collective on Main Avenue, St. Maries, July 8. The store is their second tattoo, body piercing and vaporizer store. The first is located in Kellogg.

A tattoo, body piercing and vaporizer store is now open in St. Maries.

Co-owners Paul Beaman, wife Lisa Beaman and Derek Furman of Kellogg opened the shop July 8. It is their second store. The first shop was opened in Kellogg.

The store sells vaporizer modules and e-liquid made in the United States, which provides a greater degree of transparency in purchasing, according to Mr. Beaman.

“We have transparent distributors that I can look up and see what [ingredients] they use,” Mr. Beaman said.

Mr. Furman will primarily handle vaporizer sales and assistance. Ms. Beaman, an accountant of 27 years, will assist with running the business. And Mr. Beaman will serve as the resident tattoo artist.

Mr. Beaman opened the first tattoo and vaporizer location in Kellogg about three years ago.

“I’ve been doing tattoos off and on since I was about 15 [years old],” Mr. Beaman said.

Mr. Beaman said that he has spent 20 to 30 hours over separate visits on individual tattoos and is presently about 15 hours into a sleeve for a Kellogg customer.

Tattoos cost $10 per inch or $100 per hour according to Mr. Beaman.

Mr. Furman said the entrepreneurs chose to open in St. Maries because there is a need for it and they like the location.

“It’s a very nice little town here,” Mr. Furman said. “I regret not coming here when I was looking to buy a house.”

Mr. Beaman lived in Fernwood in the late 1990s and is glad to be in the area again.

“We look forward to being a part of the community and thank them for their support,” Mr. Beaman said.

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