Bids for a timber sale, put forth by the city of St. Maries, will be due by 4 p.m. Friday, Sept. 25.

This is the second timber sale the city has executed this year in a hope to raise funds for sidewalks along College Avenue.

The city has been busy this year with projects associated with the water and sewer bond. As part of that project, infrastructure for water and sewer will also be replaced underneath College Avenue. Mayor Tom Carver said revenues from the bond will not pay for new sidewalks along the street.

Mayor Carver said the city will also have the opportunity to widen the street as part of the project and add additional parking. As part of the revamp, the council has indicated they would like to improve pedestrian pathways.

“College Avenue is a busy street,” Mayor Carver said. “It may be just as busy as Main Avenue at times.”

In order to pay for the sidewalk portion of the project, the council decided to solicit bids for two timber sales. The first was for a portion of Section 34. PotlatchDeltic submitted the winning bid for the sale, $368,798.

The second timber sale is located near St. Joe City. The city is again hoping for good bids to put funds aside for the project. A bid is expected to be awarded at the council’s meeting, Sept. 28.

Three different proposals were drafted by the city’s engineers for sidewalks along College Avenue. The first option would cost $518,085 and would pay for pedestrian pathways on both sides of the street from 4th Street to 14th Street. A second option would provide sidewalks along both sides from 4th through 10th Street and costs $431,267. The option with the smallest cost ($250,000) would provide sidewalks along the north side of the street, from 4th Street to 14th Street.

Final revenue figures from the timber sales will determine the size of the project the council is able to complete.

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