A St. Maries woman who stole a wallet was cited with petty theft after her victim followed and confronted her.

According to police reports, Deputy Anthony Peterson of the Benewah County Sheriff’s Office was told of the theft at 7:25 p.m. July 18. Benewah County dispatchers said a man had reported his wallet stolen from the gun range while he was there. Staff members at Zips Drive-in also said they had seen the woman who turned the wallet in, and had video of her.

The deputy made contact with Zips management, who showed him the video from their security system. The video showed a woman turning in a wallet to restaurant employees, who said she claimed to have found it in the parking lot. The woman also took the opportunity to pay for a pair of milkshakes with a $20 bill.

Shortly after, Deputy Peterson met with the owner of the wallet, Naphtali David, arrived at the scene to retrieve his wallet. He said he’s been at the gun range with a friend when the wallet was stolen, and saw a woman drive away in a pickup. He and his friend located the woman and confronted her, but were unable to find the wallet in her vehicle or on her person.

Mr. David then went into the Zips and asked if his wallet had been found. The cashier returned it, and Mr. David confirmed that a $20 bill was missing from the wallet when he recovered it.

Speaking with other deputies, Deputy Peterson was able to identify the woman in the security video as Brenda Sibert. Coincidentally, deputies were also able to place the suspect at the scene of the crime the day it occurred – through her own admission.

“I received a call from Deputy (Colton) Wynn,” Deputy Peterson said. “Deputy Wynn asked me what I was looking for Sibert for. I explained to Deputy Wynn the case, and he stated Sibert, while (he was) out at her residence for an incident, randomly stated she was out at the St. Maries shooting range picking up brass the day before.”

Deputy Peterson made contact with Sibert July 21 and asked her about the stolen wallet. Sibert initially denied she had turned the wallet in; however, when confronted with photo and video proof of her both turning in the wallet and buying the milkshakes, she admitted to taking the money.

Sibert was issued a citation for the theft, and is scheduled for arraignment Aug. 12.

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