A man was arrested on felony charges after his behavior prompted a juvenile to report him to deputies.

Darrell Taylor of St. Maries is accused of felony injury to a child and unlawful possession of a firearm following an Oct. 24 altercation with a juvenile and a woman. The juvenile alleged that Taylor acted in an aggressive manner toward them both, and was both using drugs and weapons despite being a convicted felon.

Taylor also admitted prompting the juvenile to consume a controlled substance, resulting in the felony injury to a child charge.

According to the affidavit of Deputy Dustin Pulley, the Benewah County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the victim following a threatening confrontation with Taylor. He said he’d gone to the man’s residence Oct. 24 to do some hunting, and the two had gotten in a verbal altercation. He said that Taylor was meant to give both him and a woman a ride to Deary, as she had work there that evening.

However, during that ride Taylor was reportedly driving erratically, alternately speeding and slamming on the brakes. The victim said he was scared enough that he told Taylor he would jump out of the moving vehicle if he did not stop.

The vehicle did not stop, and both the victim and woman elected to exit the vehicle. The victim estimated it was traveling at approximately 20 mph at the time.

According to the victim, Taylor stopped the vehicle and began chasing them on foot. He said they ran into the woods nearby, and were out there for several hours while Taylor shouted epithets at them.

The victim said he wanted to give Taylor another chance, and returned to Taylor’s residence the next day. During that time, he and the woman got in an argument. The argument reportedly provoked Taylor, who the victim said was “tweaking at about 2 a.m.” in the residence. He told police that Taylor used methamphetamine.

The confrontation with Taylor convinced both the victim and woman to pack their belongings and leave the residence on foot along Alder Creek Road. Taylor reportedly followed them, prompting them to hide from him in some bushes along the road.

However, the cold soon became too much for them and they returned to the road to find Taylor at his vehicle.

“(The victim) advised Darrell attempted to force (the woman) inside the vehicle, saying ‘I don’t care what you want little girl, you will get inside this truck,’” Deputy Pulley’s report said.

Taylor further threatened to leave them in the cold if they did not cooperate, reportedly saying “if you don’t bow down to me right now, you can sit your little a—out here and freeze.”

The victim and woman returned to Taylor’s residence. The victim was able to contact a relative through Facebook messenger, and she arrived to pick both him and the woman up at the residence at approximately 6:30 a.m.

As they were exiting, Taylor reportedly heard them leaving and gave chase. They were able to escape, and the relative was able to transport them to her home in Bovill.

The victim told Deputy Pulley that he had seen Taylor using drugs at the residence, including several glass meth pipes. In addition, he said Taylor had two firearms inside his camper, a shotgun and a rifle, which were the property of a neighbor. He had reportedly borrowed them for hunting purposes.

Taylor is a convicted felon, having served time in prison for aggravated domestic battery. He is not permitted to own or be in the vicinity of firearms. The victim said they had contacted the owner of the firearms to remove them, as he was going to call the police and did not want the neighbor’s weapons seized in the arrest.

Deputy Pulley asked all parties to provide written statements on the events they witnessed, and travelled to Taylor’s residence with Deputy Brandon Vannatter as backup. They confronted an emotional Taylor, who said he’d been having issues bonding with the juvenile. He admitted to having the weapons, but said they had been removed earlier that morning. He said he’d used the shotgun to hunt grouse, and the juvenile had used the rifle to hunt deer.

He also had a kit for a .22 rifle that was not assembled. The rifle kit reportedly also belonged to the neighbor.

During questioning, Taylor admitted that he used methamphetamine. He also said that he had used the substance with the victim, saying he was searching for ways to bond with the juvenile. Various drugs and paraphernalia were found in the residence.

Taylor was placed under arrest and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and injury to a child, both felonies. He is being held in the Benewah County Jail.

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