Local Kootenai High School alumnus, Grace McInturff, recently graduated with high honors from the U.S. Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) and was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Coast Guard.

Ms. McInturrf said that she was at the academy for four years, and she said that she is ready to take on what’s next in the U.S. Coast Guard. She has been assigned to the USCGC Waesche in Alameda, California.

“I’ll be taking on the position of deck watch officer,” Ms. McInturff said. “I’ll be in charge of driving a ship and its track line.”

She said that she plans to stay in the Coast Guard for as long as she can and someday plans to attend grad school.

“As of now I’m planning on staying as long as I can.” Ms. McInturff said. “There’s five years active and three reserve, I’ll be spending the next two years in California.”

Ms. McInturff went through extensive physical and leadership training during her time at the USCGA. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science with a major in Marine and Environmental Sciences.

Ms. McInturff said that her experience was not what she expected when she first entered the academy after high school. She said that it was a growing experience for her and that some of her fondest memories come from a few of her summer internship positions she took while in school.

“The experience I had was great, and it was very unique,” Ms. McInturff said. “I got to do a few summer internships. I got to spend some time in Alaska and in the Arctic circle.”

“The best part was meeting people from around the world,” Ms. McInturff said.

Ms. McInturff graduated from Kootenai High School in 2016 and is the daughter of Darcy and Doug McInturff.

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