The owner of a Worley garbage removal company wants Benewah County to seek bids for its solid waste contract.

Rob Wienclaw, who owns Southlake Services, met with the county commissioners Monday to make the request.

“I know you’re losing tax base because of the Department of Lands buying land in the county,” Mr. Wienclaw said. “I think there are options out there where we can save the county money.”

Mr. Wienclaw started his company 20 years ago and provides service in Benewah, Kootenai and Shoshone counties and is the contractor for the city of Plummer.

Over the years he said he has expanded his company and now operates a fleet of six trucks and have more than 160 commercial refuse containers as well as residential containers.

Last year the county paid its current service provider, J&E Solid Waste, $377,506 for the service. The commissioners said they are happy with the service provided by J&E.

“If we put it out for bid then anyone could bid on it,” Commissioner Phil Lampert said.

He cited another county changed contractors because a lower bid was submitted but the new vendor did not do as good a job.

Mr. Wienclaw said bidding the job could save the county money and the pledged his company would do good work.

“My name is on the door and that is my image,” he said.

Commissioner Bob Short asked several questions about scheduling and equipment. Although they took no action, the commissioners agreed to consider the request.

“We need to sit down and take a look at it,” Commissioner Jack Buell said.

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