Marimn Health has started the year on a high note.

The newest addition to Marimn Health’s community outreach, the Coeur Center, opened last week in Worley and officials say that they and the community are happy to see the center ready for public use.

Marimn Health staff said that they did not have a large grand opening for the new building, but they have seen a steady flow of community members coming in to view the center.

Marimn Health’s Strategic Development Director, Heather Keen, said that the hope is that the center will provide more than just a fun place to hang out. The center is now the new hub for the Coeur d’Alene Tribes Boy’s and Girl’s Club and will feature needed services for area children.

“One of the big things with the center was to allow for the growth of the boy’s and girl’s club,” Ms. Keen said.

Ms. Keen also said that the center will offer some medical features including children’s therapist and other medical services. The center features rooms that will be set up for health-care providers for flu shots or even sports physicals.

“We will have services here for children such as on-site therapy, which is really good for kids who need someone to talk to and to feel comfortable to do so,” Ms. Keen said.

Lindsey Holt, the wellness services director for the Wellness Center and Coeur Center, said that the new center is intended to be focused towards area children.

“The children’s programming that was at the Wellness Center has been moved into the new building,” Ms. Holt said. “The Wellness Center will focus more on the adult programs while the Coeur Center is more focused on children’s programs.”

The center is open to the community though some areas are intended only for the boy’s and girl’s club. The south wing of the building is limited to boys and girls club members only and features a number of work areas for the members. This includes a cafeteria where club members can be treated to an after school snack or meal as well as an art room and technology room.

Features on the community wing are an indoor water park, indoor basketball court, an exercise area, a children play area, a cafe and more.

Outside features include children’s play areas as well as baseball, soccer and football fields. The soccer and football field can double as powwow grounds. There is also and outdoor basketball court as well as a large pavilion that can be used for outdoor gatherings.

Community members can buy memberships for just the Coeur Center or they can purchase a dual membership that will allow access to the new center as well as the Wellness Center.

The Coeur Center will also have day passes available for $10 an adult, $6 for seniors and youth and children five and under can use the facility for free.

Ms. Keen said that due to COVID the center’s directors have not set a time to have a grand opening ceremony, though they do plan on having one when the conditions are right.

“We will have to see how things go, we are still taking it one step at a time,” Ms. Keen said. “If things start to smooth over we would love to do something in the summer or fall.”

Those who wish to visit the center must make a reservation in order to reduce large crowds. Residents can make a reservation at the center by calling 208-686-5437.

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