A Pennsylvania man faced with multiple Idaho Fish and Game violations will pay more than $2,000 in court costs.

Between October 8, 2017, and March 14, 2020, Roger D. Bowser, of Brighton, PA, purchased resident hunting and fishing licenses despite being a resident of Pennsylvania. He was charged with twelve counts of misdemeanor hunt, fish or trap-buy or possess wrong class or type of license.

Idaho Fish and Game Officer Julie Lininger began investigating Bowser, in April 2020, after receiving an email stating that he had purchased a resident hunting license without a valid Idaho driver’s license.

According to the Officer Lininger’s report, Bowser also purchased Pennsylvania hunting and fishing licenses during that same period.

Residency, as defined by IDFG, for hunting and fishing licenses requires that individuals reside in the state for no less than six months immediately preceding the date of application for any license, tag or permit. Individuals are also forbidden from claiming Idaho residency while claiming residency in another state.

According to the officer report, Bowser has lived in Pennsylvania since 2001. He claimed to briefly reside in Idaho for approximately six months but could not provide the year of residency. He also has no record of filing taxes or registering a vehicle in Idaho according to court documents.

Bowser was also charged with one count of misdemeanor unlawful wildlife possession for illegally harvesting a bull elk in 2017. According to the officer report, Bowser said the 2017 elk was the only game he harvested in Idaho. He said the antlers from the harvest were at his brother’s Benewah County home.

Available court documents do not explain how Bowser was able to obtain the resident licenses.

All thirteen charges were dismissed by a motion of the county prosecutor with an agreement that he pay court costs of $189.75 per offense for a total of $2,466.75.

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