Youth in Plummer are doing work to make the city a safer place for all of its citizens.

Students that are a part of the 4-H Teen Health Advocates program recently sought funding to install crosswalk flags at some of the busy intersection on Highway 95 in the city of Plummer.

The group was successful and received funding from the Coeur d’Alene Tribe and approval from the city of Plummer. The flags were installed in September.

So far the flags have been a success and have created a helpful way for community members, including youngsters, to safely cross the street, according to advisor Cheryl Lockard.

4-H member Tsones Nomee said the flags will be especially helpful during the day. The city already has flashing crosswalk signs on some of the intersections on Highway 95 but they tend to be more visible at night.

“It’s a major highway, it’s unsafe, there are the lights but it’s hard to see them during the day,” Tsones said.

Tsones said he and other youth in the community have had unsafe encounters while trying to cross the street.

Lockard said it was nice to see the students recognize a need and do something about it.

“It was nice to see them take a project and see it from start to finish. It’s empowering for students,” Lockard said. “It was cool to see the collaboration between the youth, the Tribe and the city.”

Another one of the 4-H members, Maryah Erickson, wrote a letter to city council proposing their plan for the flags. Lockard said it was impressive to see Maryah do the research.

“It was a new thing for me. I was nervous,” Maryah said. “But it feels like we are making a big change in the community and it feels good. We are trying to make it safer in general.”

“I think she drafted a good letter, it was very informative,” Lockard said. “Having to reach out and interact with local government like that is good for the kids.”

The group also plans to give a presentation to local elementary school students on how to utilize the flags.

For more information on projects put on by the 4-H Teen Health Advocates, contact Lockard at

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