The St. Maries City Council unanimously approved a street and alley vacation request at its March 11 meeting.

The request from Doug Brede was approved contingent upon receiving no objection from one last property owner.  The area being vacated includes an alley that comes into Jefferson Avenue as well as a portion of 17th Street at the intersection of Coeur d’Alene Avenue.

Mariah Dunham said the property in question is held in a trust and no response was received. She said if the city does not hear from the entity they will need to have papers served.

The motion included parameters for the city to retain easements per recommendations by Avista Utilities as well as Mark Reynolds, the city’s public works supervisor. The city’s planning and zoning commission encouraged a survey, but the council said codes do not require a survey to take place when property is vacated.

“If they decide to build a structure they would do a survey then,” Randy Saunders said.

In other business, the council approved pay requests totaling approximately $40,000 from HMH Engineering for services related to the following: roads, water and sewer bond, as well as general water and sewer work. A pay request to HDR Engineering for a progress report on Railroad Avenue was approved. It was for $3,033.18.

Several items were tabled at the meeting as individuals were unable to attend. Those items included an update on pavement road repairs with emergency grant money, an update on bond work as well as the loan for the sewer bond project.

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