Two incidents of breaking and entering, in St. Maries, appear related according to Benewah County Sheriff Dave Resser.

A break-in at Heyburn Elementary was reported to the sheriff’s office May 15, 2:15 a.m. A break-in at nearby city park is believed to have occurred around the same time. According to Sheriff Resser evidence may indicate a common suspect.

“It looks like there is a good possibility that [the school] is related to the city park incident,” Sheriff Resser said. “At city park we found footprints that match the scene from the school.”

According to the sheriff a resident near Heyburn Elementary was in their backyard camping with their children when they heard the sound of glass breaking and laughter. A deputy later discovered a broken window near the back of the school.

“It was breaking and entering. I don’t know if anything was taken yet,” Sheriff Resser said. “There was video of it. I can tell you they did enter the school but exactly what if anything was taken, I don’t know yet.”

A detective with the Benewah County Sheriff’s Office is reviewing security video recordings from the school. Footage shows two possible suspects. At the scene, shoe prints that are believed to match those at city park were also identified.

Three storage units at city park were broken into according to Sheriff Resser.

“As I understand, it was buildings to store athletic equipment. The locks were beaten off of the doors,” Sheriff Resser said. “And right now that is all that I have. No property has been reported missing. That could change as the investigation is ongoing.”

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