Annual event returns

The six women who helped Sara Silfvast organize the I am Beautiful event pose with masks that represent this years theme. Pictured from left to right: Mary Davidson, Michele McDaniel, Sara Silfvast, Tabby Belle, Lynette Cox, Dawn Scheper and Jill Ryan.

Local woman Sara Silfvast wants women in the area to be themselves.

Mrs. Silfvast is hosting the annual I am Beautiful event for that reason, to get local women out of their shells. She said that she wants women to have an event where they can come and be served.

“A lot of women put themselves on the back burner and get so caught up serving others: their husbands, boyfriends and children,” Mrs. Silfvast said. “Sometimes they forget to do something for themselves.”

Mrs. Silfvast will host the event in the gym at the Nazarene Church. She and six other helpers have set up the gym to accommodate a large audience where they will serve dinner and dessert, watch inspirational videos and sketches, play games and share laughter.

Mrs. Silfvast said that she will give presentations around this year's theme which is about taking off the masks that a lot of women wear. She said that a lot of women she has met through her life seem to have a hard time dropping the roles they take on. She said she wants to give local women a chance to drop those masks and let lose for an evening.

“I've had women tell me that coming to one of these events has changed their lives and relationships,” Mrs. Silfvast said. “I've done this event all over the country and over the years it has grown, I've had packed out rooms with almost 200 women.”

She said its a night for women to come and be pampered and be served. Mrs. Silfvast said that a large part of the event is connecting women from all over the area, and she said that it doesn't matter what religious beliefs or background these women have. The event is just about them coming together for support and fun.

Mrs. Silfvast said that Main Street Bistro will cater the event and that they will have dessert and refreshments. She also said that the event is not formal and those who attend can dress however they like.

“Some women have to dress up all day and all they want to do is just wear sweatpants, that's ok,” Mrs. Silfvast said. “There are also women who never get to go out dressed up, they are more then welcome to come in a fancy dress and heels if they like too.”

The I am Beautiful event will be on Sunday Nov. 3 from 4 to 7 p.m. Seating is limited and tickets can be purchased from the Nazarene Church for $10.

For more information call 208-245-4594.

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