Five victims in Santa Y accident

A helicopter was called to the scene of a two-vehicle accident at the Santa Y Aug. 15 to transport one of the victims to the hospital. 

The occupants of two vehicles escaped serious injury after an accident near Santa Aug. 15.

Two drivers and three young passengers received medical care for non-life-threatening injuries following the near-head-on collision that destroyed both vehicles as they passed on State 6. One victim was taken by air ambulance to the hospital. All are now said to be in good condition.

According to Sheriff Dave Resser, the two vehicles were driving near the Santa Y at around 6:30 p.m. A silver Mustang, driven by Michael Morris, was traveling northbound on State 6 toward Santa. At the same time, a green Subaru sedan driven by John Usher was traveling southbound on the same road.

Also in the vehicle were three passengers, including a girl approximately 16 years old and two boys of ages approximately nine to 11, the sheriff said.

As the vehicles passed, the driver of the green Subaru suffered an unspecified medical emergency, which caused him to leave his lane of traffic and swerve across the center divider. Mr. Usher’s vehicle struck Mr. Morris’ car, sending both off of the roadway.

“It wasn’t a full head-on collision – more of a heavy glancing blow – but it destroyed both vehicles,” Sheriff Resser said.

Emercency responders, including ambulance and fire crews from St. Maries and Fernwood, were sent to the scene. They found all occupants had survived the crash. Mr. Morris was trapped in his vehicle, and fire crews had to cut away parts of the vehicle to extract him. He suffered fractures to his legs near the ankles, and was immediately taken by Life Flight helicopter to an out-of-county hospital.

Mr. Usher and his young passengers escaped with non-life-threatening injuries including bruises, and were taken to Benewah Community Hospital for treatment.

Sheriff Resser said all of the occupants of both vehicles are now in good condition, either recovered or in the process of recovering.

The Aug. 15 crash adds to several notable accidents – including two fatalities – either taking place in Benewah County or involving Benewah County residents. Nicolas S. Spooner was killed and his father, Timothy P. Spooner, was hospitalized after a tragic accident involving a runaway trailer Aug. 15. A Coeur d’Alene woman was killed in a two-vehicle accident near Worley Aug. 22.

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