Spay clinic volunteers back at work

Peggy Imbrie stands next to the cages where feral cats will temporarily live before and after they are spayed or neutered. The program at Hope's Haven has effectively reduced the amount of feral cats in the area since the program began in 2016.

Hope’s Haven is continuing its spay and neuter program today, Wednesday September 16, with the hopes of furthering its efforts to reduce the amount of feral cats in the county.

Peggy Imbrie, who leads the effort to trap feral cats, said that the clinic has constantly been reducing the feral cat population in the area since 2016. The local animal shelter has spayed or neutered well over 1,000 cats since the inception of the program.

She said that the local animal shelter has received support from the same veterinarians since the project started.

“We have four wonderful vets who dedicate their time, and they have been doing it for four years now,” Ms. Imbrie said. “We do the clinics once a month so this will be the thirty-sixth clinic.”

The volunteer veterinarians will come to Hope’s Haven and will set up a temporary operation room at the animal shelter where they will operate for around four hours.

Ms. Imbrie said that the animal shelter has enough cages to operate on around 40 cats.

“You can tell the vets have been doing this for years,” Ms. Imbrie said. “They work very fast and with care.”

Ms. Imbrie said that the local animal shelter makes the effort to catch and release the feral cats simply because killing the cats won’t make a difference.

“Just going out and killing a cat doesn’t do it, if you can do attrition to the cat population by reducing the amount of kittens being born each year that makes a difference over time,” Ms. Imbrie said. “Cats can be territorial and if you kill the cats then more cats will just move in.”

Those who are interested in having feral cats on their property spayed or neutered can contact Ms. Imbrie at 208-245-8677 to set up an appointment.

For more information contact Hope’s Haven at 208-245-7387.

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