Tim Schultz announced his retirement from teaching at the Kootenai High School commencement June 8. Ralph Kahn of the board of trustees presented him with a plaque for his years of service. Tim has worked as a science teacher and principal during the 31 years he was at the Kootenai School District.

Mr. Schultz grew up in the Midwest and attended Iowa State University. He loved geology and heard that University of Idaho had a good geology program, so transferred to University of Idaho. He earned his bachelor’s degree in geology in 1984 and then went back to earn his bachelors in education in the spring of 1988 from the University of Idaho. He met his wife, Angela while attending UofI. They were married in 1989 after she got her masters in counseling in Caldwell, Idaho. Mr. Schultz started to work for the Kootenai School District in the fall of 1988 and Mrs. Schultz works for the St. Maries school district as a counselor.

“Angela and I have stayed at our school districts because the people are genuinely supportive of public schools.” Said Mr. Schultz. “We also love the quality of life in this area.”

Tim and Angela Schultz have two children, Ellison and Colson, who both graduated from Kootenai High School.

“It is bittersweet that we wish Mr. Schultz well in his retirement.” Said Lynette Ferguson, superintendent. “He has contributed to the lives of the students, staff, and community and we are thankful. His teaching will remain for years to come!”

When asked about his plans now that he is retired, Mr. Schultz said, “I’ve had hobbies and lifelong ambitions that I’ve put on hold for three decades and it’s now time to get back to them.”

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