Area veterans and their families have a good meal to look forward to this weekend in honor of Veteran’s Day.

The Elks Lodge is using money from its various fundraising efforts to provide a meal for veterans and their families.

The lodge will host the annual Veterans Dinner after a year-long hiatus. This year will still be a bit different as the American Legion Post 25 will not be joining in hosting the festivities due to COVID-19 concerns.

The dinner will be free and open to area veterans and their families.

“We used to have to scramble to dig up the funds and we started raising money so we don’t have to do that,” Alan Moore, Chairman of Veterans Activities at the lodge said. “To me, it’s rewarding to provide this to veterans and their families.”

This will be the 11th year the Elks Lodge has been involved with providing a dinner for veterans. Moore said over the years he’s seen the event grow from attracting 50 people to nearly 100.

He said despite the ongoing pandemic, its still important to honor those who have served in the military.

“I think it’s a thank you for their service and time, we need to give back to those who have served,” Moore said. “It’s about showing appreciation and respect.”

June Addington, a volunteer cook and server for the event, said the event usually attracts some unfamiliar faces and helps to give people a time to chat with their peers or friends that they have not seen in awhile.

She said she gives back for the dinner to give military veterans the recognition they deserve.

“I don’t think they get the recognition that they should in so many ways so I thinks its good to give back to them,” Addington said. “There are even some people who have lost their spouse who was military who still come to enjoy.”

The Veteran’s Dinner is one of the main services the Elks Lodge does for veterans though Moore said he hopes to expand the lodge’s efforts.

The lodge will be serving roast beef or ham with mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, rolls and dessert on the side.

Those who want to get their meal via delivery or carry out must RSVP their order prior to the dinner by calling 208-245-1418. The annual Veteran’s Dinner will be at 1 p.m., Sunday November 14.

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