Grant would fund river signs

Timber Plus is applying for a grant that will help fund the replacement of No Wake signs in both Aqua Park and Cherry Bend Boaters Park by next summer.

Aqua Park and Cherry Bend Boaters Park are targeted to get new No Wake signs if a grant request written by Timber Plus is successful.

The grant will secure funds to install a total of eight new signs between the two parks. Alex Barta of Timber Plus says that the project will be funded through the Idaho Waterways fund.

“The amount we are looking for is in the ball park around $5000,” Mr. Barta said. “We want to make sure the signs are big and bright. We want them to have LED lights on them, nothing too obnoxious, just enough to where people can easily see them.”

He said that the goal is to purchase a minimum of eight signs. Mr. Barta said that if there is grant money left over after purchasing at least four large signs, then Timber Plus would like to purchase additional No Wake signs to post at the boat launches and other high-traffic locations at both parks.

He said that the lighted signs will be placed in the areas where boaters come in and out of both parks.

“A lot of children play at both those parks, its a safety issue,” Mr. Barta said. “I also heard from the Sheriff’s Department that the boaters they pull over for speeding use the fact that they didn’t see the sign as an excuse. Hopefully with how large and visible these new signs will be that will no longer be a valid excuse.”

Mr. Barta said that the sign project will hopefully be fully funded and completed before the end of summer 2020. He said that the project will go along with the replacement of the docks at Cherry Bend, which is another project that was funded via the Waterways fund.

“It’ll be nice to have both the new docks and new no wake signs,” Mr. Barta said. “Those would be some big things impacting our waters this summer.”

Mr. Barta said that the the waterways fund has provided funding for multiple projects in the last three years. The fund has been provided grants for dock projects and the purchase of the new Benwah County Sheriff’s police boat.

He also said that Timber Plus has been able to gather the support of citizens and local businesses for these waterway project.

Mr. Barta explained that continuing to have the community backing Timber Plus when they apply for grants through the waterway fund will increase the chance of getting consistent funding.

“I want to make sure that they know that Benewah County has a committed plan and that we are serious about improving our waterways,” Mr. Barta said.

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