Here are the winners of the various Paul Bunyan Days events, listed in order of finish.

Logging Events

Men’s Power Saw: Devin Vint, Cody Crane, Jack Crane. Women’s Power Saw: Tami Holdahl, Kriston Meachan, Suzanne Sotin. Men’s Crosscut: Paul Sotin & Caylen Wemhoff; Dominic Reid & Douglas Reid; Cody Crane & Dustin Herzog.

Women’s Crosscut: Kristin Meachan & Elizabeth Lyle; Morgan Suchoski & Bethan Suchoski; Suzanne & Maddie Sotin.

Teen Crosscut: Carter Moore & Scott Sotin. Adult/Teen Crosscut: Devin Vint & Carter Moore; Paul Sotin & Scott Sotin; Caylen Wemhoff & Gavin Wemhoff.

Men’s Axe Throw: Joe Palladino, Caylen Wemhoff, Cody Crane.

Women’s Axe Throw: Suzanne Sotin, Courtney Hurt, Toni Eells.

Men’s Choker Setting: Jessie Suchoski, Dominic Reid, Caylen Wemhoff.

Women’s Choker Setting: Morgan Suchoski, Elizabeth Lyle, Kristen Meachan.

Pole Climb: Nolan Meece, Jessie Suchoski, Paul Sotin. Jack & Jill: Paul & Suzanne Sotin; Cody Crane & Hannah Herzog; Devin Vint & Maggie Nelson.

Adult Pool Events

Tightrope: James Morton, Derek Barden, Josh Richmond.

Canoe Joust: Suzanne Sotin & Paul Sotin; Jim Crowley & Brett Morton; Brandon Hopkins & Mark Collins. Log Birling: Derek Barden, Danny Martin, Brandon Hopkins.

Teen Pool Events

Tightrope: Gavin Wemhoff, Kody Tefft, Landon Warren.

Canoe Joust: Dillon Holder & Landon Warren; Kody Tefft & Landon Tweedy; Tyde Howard & Trent Haynes.

Log Birling: Kody Tefft, Landon Warren, Dillon Holder.

Kids Pool Events

6-7 Tube Race: Stella Gilligan, Cheyanna Hossfeld Nelson, Mack Renner.

8-9 Tube Race: Missy Miner, Dalton Swisher, Zach Thomson.

10-12 Tube Race: Justin Howard, William Adams, Riley Guy.

Captain/Kid Raft Race: Zack Sotin & Paul Sotin; Riley Guy & Natasha Harris; Charles Cloos & Kenneth Cloos.

Tug of War

First Place Team: Israel Swanitzer, Matthew Barnett, Galen Barnett, Nathan Robertson, Daniel Smith, Adam Engell, Josh Young, Samuel Young, Arielle Young.

Second Place Team: Wesley Preyer, Josh Szilasi, Kyrstin Szilasi, Ryan Vannatter, Tristin Ayers, Sierra Vannatter, Ralph Moore, Steven Wetzel, Gabby Clark, Kyle Jestila.

Third Place Team: Beave Sleeve, Brad Hebert, Preston Boyd, Joe Palladino, Axston Allen, Josiah McHenry, R.J. Offerman, Robin Schauni.

PBD Parade

Overall Winner: Barks & Bubbles.

Cars: David Lewis, Bert Galloway, David Lewis.

Political: Dan Foreman, Sen. David Nelson, Rep. Bill Goesling.

Marching: Blazen Divaz, American Legion Color Guard, St. Maries Cheerleaders.

Kids Under 12: Stick It Gymnastics, Win 1 Basketball, Lumberjack Youth Football.

Clubs & Organizations: Johnny’s Bar, St. Maries Shrine Club, Search & Rescue.

Logging: Cleveland Trucking, Kenneth Becktel Logging, M & M Logging.

Horses: St. Joe Ranger District Pack String, Hailey & Makinlie Nagle, Warriors of Valor.

Commercial: Barks & Bubbles, Karissa’s Klubhouse, P1FCU.

Floats: Tekoa Slippery Gulch, Dr. Kelly Silva.

Miscellaneous: Dragon Snow, Idaho Department of Lands, Jamie Congry.

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