This year’s presidential election was said to be one of the most crucial in American history.

While the election is over for some, there is many American’s who say that it is still far from over after allegations of voter fraud, system glitches and thrown out ballots have flooded some news outlets and social media.

The Gazette Record asked its readers on Facebook to weigh in on the election results and whether they believed Vice President Joe Biden was the clear winner or if they believe that the election was tampered with.

Local man Tom Ebert weighed in by commenting that no matter who you voted for, a fair presidential election with a clear winner should be essential to all voters.

“No matter who you support, the overwhelming evidence of tampering should outrage us all,” Mr. Ebert said. “The same people who have been complaining about and investigating foreign intervention in the last Presidential election, are now insisting that there is no way this election is being stolen. Biden is corrupt, but he no longer has the mental capacity to pull this off.”

Ed Kantola said that the nature of the election made it easier for the polls to be corrupted.

“The vast early mail-in voting there is a lot of ways it could be a corrupt election,” Mr. Kantola said. “Found ballots are always a problem.”

Tamara Sines-Kermelis suggested that there were no surprises in this election as many Democratic citizens voted by mail and said that they would well before the election. She said that she trusts in the voting process and even has in Idaho where Democrats are usually outnumbered.

“He (President Trump) literally told his followers to not vote by mail and to show up at the polls on Election Day in the middle of a pandemic. Then he is shocked that the majority of mail in ballots are from Democrats or Biden voters?” Ms. Sines-Kermelis said. “The Republican state legislature in Pennsylvania were the ones who would not allow them to start counting the mail in ballots until after polls closed on Election Day.”

“The military votes by mail, entire states vote by mail, people voted by mail in a pandemic. There are poll watchers of both political parties,” She continued. “This is how our system of government works. The states decide how they handle elections. I am a progressive in a conservative state and I don’t distrust the people who work at the polls and handle elections....even though they likely don’t share my political beliefs. This is America. These are good citizens doing a civic duty. I trust them a million times more than President Trump. He is a narcissist and has had money and lawyers to get out of things his whole life. He can’t buy the presidency. Good riddance.”

Marcie Fowler said that the reports of ballot tampering is just another “fake news” conspiracy brought on by President Trump.

“For the last four years all we have heard is ‘fake news this ,fake news that , it’s a hoax, I have been treated so unfairly. I’m the best president this nation has ever seen, no one works harder for this nation than me, believe me I know more than anybody,’ Ms. Fowler said. “Reality check, he (President Trump) has gone golfing more than 275 times in less than four years, that equals nearly a full year that the American people have paid for. But he donates his paycheck! The four years worth of pay from the American people equals less than $2 million. His golfing excursions have cost well over $135 million. NO Obama did not golf even half that much in eight years.”

“Now he is calling for the election results on election night, and to stop the count,” she continued. “News flash, the final results have never been announced until all the states have counted their ballots, and yes that has taken up to a few weeks, per each individual states laws. You would think the supposed leader of the greatest nation in the world would know that simple fact – some states laws would not allow any ballot counting until the official closing of the polls in that state.”

Jennifer Nelson said that the concern around the election results is nothing new and that similar controversies have happened over the last several elections. She said that has played a factor in her and her husband to vote for third party candidates.

“Cheating, false ballots, miscounts? It’s been a cry I’ve heard a lot from the reds and the blues over the last three presidential elections,” Mrs. Nelson said. “My husband and I can proudly say we’re both finally “part of the 1%” that voted for Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian candidate. Thomas Jefferson once warned us of the danger of political parties and how it would divide us as a nation. And hmm... here we are.”

“What’s done is done,” Mrs. Nelson continued. “Only thing we can do from here is keep our heads up and take it a day at a time.”

Tina McGann said that a transparent election is one of the foundations of American Democracy and that with the amount of evidence mounting toward voter fraud, citizens should be concerned.

“Our democracy is based upon a fair and transparent election system,” Ms. McGann said. “Given the many videos of fraudulent behavior, dead people voting, altering ballots, locking poll watchers out of facilities, I believe is more than enough to raise major concerns about this election being fraudulent. Winning a fair election is one thing but winning by cheating and having it not be the will of the people is unacceptable and un-American.”

“Every American should want and advocate for a fair and transparent election system,” she continued. “If we don’t have that, then what do we have?”

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