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Sheriff-elect Tony Eells (left) and Deputy Andrew Schlegel (right) hold up the last load of toys that the Benewah County Sheriff's Office delivered to local children December 23.

The Benewah County Sheriff’s Office saw a large turnout from the community for this year’s Toys for Tots toy drive.

Businesses around the area reported that their bins had been overflowing with toys over the span of the toy drive. One business, Country Fair, reported that they had to have a deputy come empty their bin multiple times.

“We had to empty our bins four times,” Kristi Masterson said. “Our community has always been generous but I feel like there has been more support this year.”

She said that people would come into the store to solely buy toys for the bin.

“People have been more than generous,” Ms. Masterson said. “People would buy toys and then donate them or people would just donate money.”

The BCSO had bins set up around the county and Plummer City Clerk, Sarah Allen, said that they had a good turnout with their bin at city hall.

“We had a few residents who would come and donate,” Ms. Allen said. “The office staff here donated toys to the bin too.”

Sheriff-elect, Tony Eells, said that Country Fair was the leading location for donations this year.

“It was a great year for donations,” Sheriff-elect Eells said. “Country Fair was the primary place for the toy drop-off. The bins were full plus extras. It was a great community effort this year.”

He also said that along with the toys, the community donated cash to the program.

“We got quite a few people donating money this year,” Sheriff-elect Eells said. “We got around $800. We were a little short on toys for the age group of 10 to 12 so we were able to go and purchase those toys with the money donated.”

Sheriff-elect Eells also said that there were 91 children to deliver to and with the donations they received they were able to provide to those in need. Deputies with the BCSO delivered the presents around the county during the week of Christmas.

Sheriff-elect Eells said that he is thankful to the community as well as those who help with the program. He gave thanks to Laci St. John who has helped with the program for the last few years.

“Laci has been a big help to the program and I’m thankful to all those who have donated or helped,” Sheriff-elect Eells said.

For more information contact the BCSO at 208-245-2555.

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