The Plummer City Council approved its recently proposed winter ordinance to clear the way for snowplows.

Ordinance 462 is to ensure that the city’s right-of-way remains clear for snowplows in the winter and requires that property owners maintain clear pedestrian pathways.

It will be effective upon publication in this issue of the Gazette Record.

Violators of the ordinance will be cited for an infraction. Additional penalties include the possibility of vehicles being towed at their owner’s expense.

Any private property such as mailboxes or newspaper boxes installed in the city’s right-of-way will not be reimbursed for damages should they be struck by a plow. And if a plow sustains damages in return, property owners may be held liable.

To read the ordinance in full, see page 20.

City employee hours will now be documented digitally. City Treasurer Sara Allen said the city looked through many different software options before settling software company Caselle. The switch to online time sheets is expected to improve accuracy and save time processing payroll. In addition to a $3,000 onetime fee, the software costs $724 per month.

A weed abatement agreement between the city of Plummer and Phil Lampert was tabled in anticipation of adding an additional parcel. Mr. Lampert farms property adjacent to city property and has a longstanding agreement with the city to conduct weed abatement for them and in exchange harvests hay from the property.

The council expects to continue the weed abatement agreement which they agreed is mutually beneficial.

In other news:

• The city signed a resolution approving an electric utility bond for work that is already in progress.

• A draft of the renewed power agreement with Bonneville Power Authority was approved.

• A private citizen, not present at the meeting, volunteered to assist the city with its project to collect cemetery records.

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