The Avery School District reported that its Board of Trustees’ Chairman resigned last week.

Sidney Sutherland announced that he would resign from the board after their meeting Monday, December 15. He served on the board for 10 years.

Mr. Sutherland and district clerk, Sheila Cottier, were not available for comment.

Avery School District Superintendent and Principal, Robert Vian, expressed in a press release how crucial Mr. Sutherland was to the district and that he will be missed by staff.

“Mr. Sutherland’s service will be greatly missed. He is a tremendous supporter of the students in the district,” Mr. Vian said. “Sid is a veteran who plays a major role in Calder Schools annual Veteran’s Day luncheon.”

The is the second resignation the Avery School has had this year.

In March, Charles Barnes resigned from the board after 15 years of service. Megan Sindt, who also serves as the secretary of the Calder School Parents Club, was appointed to fill Mr. Barnes position.

The board has yet to appoint a local resident to replace Mr. Sutherland. The board is comprised by three members, a minimum that follows the Idaho code for an elementary school district.

The position requires about one hour on the second Monday of each month, meetings take place in the Calder School gym at 6:00 p.m.

Board responsibilities include shaping the district budget, forming district policy, and hiring a superintendent.

Those interested in serving as a Trustee should contact Ms. Cottier at 208-245-2479.

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