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Contractors put the finishing touches on the new sign in front of the Marimn Health Coeur Center in Worley. The center is slated to open to the public Monday, December 28.

The new Marimn Health youth center in Worley is slated to open this month.

The new center has officially been named the Coeur Center, and Marimn Health announced that it will be open to the public starting Monday, December 28, a little over a year since ground was broke on the project in August 2019.

The center will feature outside recreational areas including a basketball court, softball and baseball fields, and a football field that can double as powwow grounds.

Marimn Health announced on its Facebook that those who plan to visit the center will still be required to follow the current COVID-19 guidelines that have been set in place by the Coeur d’Alene Tribe and Marimn Health.

Marimn Health Strategic Development Director, Heather Keen, said that for now visitors will have to follow the guidelines which includes wearing a mask and social distancing. There may be some exceptions for masks in the pool area.

“There will be COVID safety protocols in place,” Ms. Keen said in an email. “Capacity will be limited and masks will be required throughout the facility.”

The limited capacity at the center will be handled by taking reservations. Time slots will be available for families to reserve. Marimn Health plans to release more information about the reservations before the center’s opening.

It was reported that the Boys and Girls Club of the Coeur d’Alene Tribe will also officially move all of its programming over to the new center.

The Boys and Girls Club members and their families were offered a sneak peak at the new center on December 21 and 22. Marimn Health officials wrote on Facebook that with the availability of more space, the Boys and Girls Club will have room to grow.

Marimn Health plans to announce more about the center later this week via its Facebook page regarding further features, rules and regulations of the center.

For more information visit Marimn Health’s social media or call 208-686-1931.

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