PotlatchDeltic is promoting friendly competition among its employees for a good cause.

Employees at the St. Maries complex are not only helping their community, but they are also helping local high school students.

The PotlatchDeltic Holiday Drive started in early November of 2019, and employees have been able to donate money to put towards the creation of meal baskets.

PotlatchDeltic HR Technician, Jenny Abell, said that the money that has been donated by employees will be submitted to the Community Action Partnership Food Bank after the drive is over.

Additionally the donations will also count toward the St. Maries High School’s efforts to donate goods to the food bank. The SMHS students have been taking food donations for a Brawl for the Ball competition.

“Each $1 that is donated will be counted as two pounds of food,” Ms. Abell said. “We thought just raising the money for the food bank this year would be better. Once they have the money the CAP can spend it as they need to fill the local food bank.”

Ms. Abell said that employees set out with the goal to donate enough money to create 30 meal boxes by Jan 10. At the time of this report, Ms. Abell said that the employees have passed that goal and currently have raised enough funds to created 45 meal boxes, which is approximately $2250 in donations.

“We are only 15 boxes short of our new goal of 60 meal boxes,” Ms. Abell said. “I’m hopeful that we can reach that goal by Jan. 10 but if we don’t we’ve already beat the goal we originally set for ourselves.”

She said that the donation among employees has become a friendly competition around the mill.

“We’d have an employee donate $50 and challenge other employees to match that,” Ms. Abell said. “Even certain areas of the mill are challenging each other. The log yard employees challenged other areas to match $325 in donations.”

Ms. Abell said that employees have been able to donate out of their paychecks or they can contribute their bonus Chamber Bucks to the meal boxes. The Chamber Bucks are earned through a safety program at the mill.

Ms. Abell said that she wanted to thank the employees at PotlatchDeltic for willing to donate to the cause. She said if it wasn’t for their efforts, they wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the creation of so many meal boxes so fast.

“The employees take pride in the money they have donated and supporting this cause,” Ms. Abell said.

PotlatchDeltic as a company recently donated $1800 to the CAP in Dec. With the donations from it’s employees incoming, Potlatch as a whole will have donated over $4000 to the local food bank in the last two months.

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