Big things happen in a little community that comes together.

Especially when it comes to supporting the Lumberjacks.

Archie’s IGA challenged the community to raise funds for the Lumberjack Booster Club’s sports complex project and said it would match any donation from $5 up to $10,000.

Shift and Grind Coffee not only rallied its customers to raise that $10,000 but surpassed that total by a mile. 

As of Friday, October 29, the coffee shop had raised just under $40,000 for the sports complex. The final grand total was $39,640.

It was the generosity of community members and businesses alike that got Shift and Grind past its goal. Kenny Osier, owner of Tenth Street Super Stop, donated $5,000 to the cause and his wife, Amber Osier, who owns Whistle Stop Coffee and Moore, donated an additional $5,000.

Donny and Lynn Masterson started the large donations by donating $5,000 a few days prior to the Osier’s large donations. 

With their donations along with countless other donations ranging from $50 to more than $1,500 from various community members, Shift and Grind was able to make a game changing donation to IGA’s sports complex fundraiser.

Shift and Grind owner, Alissa Michael, said she was only responsible for stirring the pot, and the community is the one to be thanked for the monumental effort. 

“Our community is amazing and I knew if I put a goal out there people would hit it,” Michael said. “I live in an amazing place.”

Michael said it was local developer Troy Lozano and his wife Aubree that helped the shop reach its original $10,000 goal only a week after she started the challenge.

“I couldn’t believe it, I was finishing up my posts on Facebook for the night and he messaged me and said ‘I want to make sure we get to 10K, and I want to do it tonight,’” Michael said.

Achie’s IGA manager and Booster Club member, Brian McGregor, said he knew the fundraising would escalate once he recruited Alissa.

“I knew if I got Alissa involved, we would meet that goal of $10,000,” McGregor said. “It surpassed faster than I thought it would.”

“I was born and raised a Lumberjack and will hopefully be able to see my daughter play on the field before she graduates would be awesome,” Michael added.

McGregor said the Booster Club originally estimated the sports complex project, which includes a softball, baseball and soccer field, would cost around $500,000 to complete.

The Booster Club recently completed the first phase of the project by installing the fencing and backing poles around the field. McGregor said it cost the Booster Club about $150,000 to complete that step.

He said the next phase is to install the sprinkler system which is estimated to cost $100,000.

“The community seeing something is happening is getting them excited,” Michael said.

“We want to do it right, we don’t want to cut corners,” McGregor added. “If we are doing this, we are going to be doing it right.”

McGregor said Archie’s IGA plans to continue to raise funds through the month of November.

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