Lutheran Church Donation

Lutheran Church member Kippy Silflow (left) and Community Action Partnership Engagement Liaison Mary Orr sit atop the food items donated by the Lutheran Church. 

The St. Paul’s Lutheran Church made a hefty donation to the Community Action Partnership (CAP) just in time for Thanksgiving.

The church recently donated more than 500 nonperishable food items and more than $500 in celebration of the Reformation.

Church member Kippy Silflow said that the idea to donate the large quantities of food came a few years ago when the Lutheran church was about to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Ms. Silflow heard of the idea at a Lutheran church in the Tri-Cities. She said that after returning to St. Maries she talked to Pastor Greg Worch about their church doing something similar to celebrate the anniversary.

“We decided something that was always needed and something that our church could do was come up with 500 food items to donate to the food bank,” Ms. Silflow said. “We said this is such a good thing and that we need to continue each year. This year is our third year doing this and it’s the 502nd anniversary so our goal was 502 food items.”

She said that they will also donate $502 and that number will increase year they do the donation as well.

Ms. Silflow said that the first year the church didn’t hit its goal, but since then they have gone over the donation goals due to better planning.

“You know when you do things for a couple of years you learn,” Ms. Silflow said. “When you go to church only once a week it’s easy for it to sneak up on you. We started taking donations in the summer and we’ve been able to hit our goal.”

Ms. Silflow said that donation is perfect timing for the CAP since the beginning of November is when the food bank needs to be replenished. She said that the cash donation also goes toward things that the church was not able to cover with food.

“We are usually wiped out after October,” Community Engagement Liaison Mary Orr said. “They make the donation just in time for our busy season.”

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