Longtime city of Plummer Police Chief, Les Hall, celebrated his retirement last week.

Chief Hall has worked for the city of Plummer for more than 22 years and served as the city’s police chief for that entire period. Throughout his career, he has more than 34 years as a police officer.

Officials from the city of Plummer gathered Wednesday, March 31, to celebrate Chief Hall and he was presented with a Certificate of Achievement award for his 22 years of service as well as a plaque to commemorate his retirement.

Chief Hall said that he was very fortunate to be able to dedicate most of his career to the citizens in the Plummer community.

“It's just getting to know a lot of people in the community – I got to meet a lot of good people here.” Chief Hall said. “The people here you’ll miss, you’ll miss the little stuff. I’ve also seen a lot of change over my years here within the city and that’s been a big thing too.”

He said that the city of Plummer has been accommodating over his years as an officer and gave him time to not only be a dedicated cop but a good father.

“The city has been really good to me,” Chief Hall said. “They let me work the hours I needed when I had kids to raise.”

Chief Hall said that though he is retiring he will still have plenty to do outside of his career. He plans to help his wife with various projects as well as do some traveling. He also said that he looks forward to spending time with his five children and six grandchildren.

He's excited that he will have time for some of his hobbies as well.

“I’m going to retire from this job but not retire,” Chief Hall said. “I look forward to seeing and helping family – I also restore old cars, old trucks and Mustangs, when I do have free time.”

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