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The old Riverside Resort is just one of many projects developer Troy Lozano has been working on in Benewah County. So far Mr. Lozano's crews have stripped the building down to its frame and are still working on final plans for the building.

Developer Troy Lozano’s investment in the county is about to pay off.

Mr. Lozano and his wife Aubree own a contracting firm based out of Bellingham, Washington. Mr. Lozano has bought multiple properties in the area with the aims of providing housing for area residents.

Mr. Lozano reported last week that six lots he developed over the last several months will go up for sale soon. He said that the plots, which are located up Shay Hill road, are getting the final approval by the county.

“We will be doing the final plot approval and platted approval so we can start to sell,” Mr. Lozano said. “We know its going to go good. We are excited – there is such a demand right now.”

Mr. Lozano purchased the lots on Shay Hill in 2018 and over the last two years developed six, five-acre, lots.

He said that most of the lots are ready to be built upon and are equipped with septic tanks, wells and are ready for electricity.

“These lots are pretty much ready to go,” Mr. Lozano said. “Some of the lots are further along than others as far as water and sewer but finishing that should be easy.”

Mr. Lozano said that he wants to be flexible with builders so that housing options for community members can become available as soon as possible.

Mr. Lozano commended county officials for their cooperation and help with getting the lots ready for sale. He said that former county commissioner Jack Buell was very helpful with questions regarding the project and that he looks forward to working with commissioner Mark Reynolds.

“We are really excited to work with the county, they have been nothing but great,” Mr. Lozano said. “I had good encounters with Jack Buell and with Mark Reynolds, I’m looking forward to building a good relationship with him.”

At the time of this report, Mr. Lozano could not provide the final price for the five acres lots. He said that serious inquiries can be directed to Mia Suchowski at Timber Realty by calling 208-245-2345 or by calling Mr. Lozano at 360-393-8697.

Mr. Lozano has kept busy along with the Shay Hill project. He also is working on the purchase of the old Riverside Resort located about four miles out of St. Maries on State 3. The Riverside Resort previously housed eight rooms for rent and a bar and grill but has sat dormant for years.

He said that he plans to close on the property this year and has been able to start some basic work on the old resort. Mr. Lozano’s crews were able to strip the building down to its frame and cleared out pests from the property.

“When we first got in there it was so rat infested that we had to get that handled first,” Mr. Lozano said.

He said that so far he has not been able get a final design for the resort due to ongoing negotiations with the Coeur d’Alene Tribe. He said that so far the tribe has been good to work with and their main concern from developing on the river bank is environmental impact.

“The tribe has been great to work with and they just want to find a balance and make sure that what we plan to do won’t have an environmental impact,” Mr. Lozano said. “I should know more about the final design after we do a review.”

Mr. Lozano also purchased property in the Ragan’s Addition area in St. Maries. While development on those lots have been stagnant for months, Mr. Lozano said that he plans to meet with his engineers in February to get a better idea of where the project is at.

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