A St. Maries woman is behind bars with a $100,000 bond after being caught trafficking methamphetamine.

The woman, Tyra Shaver, was on probation for drug-related offences when she was arrested. She was found with more than 30 ounces of methamphetamine, as well as a yet-unidentified substance suspected to be fentanyl.

According to police reports, Deputy Dustin Pulley was on patrol in St. Maries when he saw Shaver in the driver’s seat of her pickup, parked in an alleyway. The deputy said he recognized Shaver from multiple methamphetamine-related incidents, and that she was on parole.

He also noted the place he saw her parked was suspected as a location where drugs were used and sold.

Deputy Pulley observed Shaver frequenting several areas, then contacted Probation Officer Ken McAnally, who requested he make contact. He pulled in behind Shaver as she parked at an apartment complex in town; as he did, he saw another man get into her passenger seat.

He interviewed Shaver, who said she was making contact with a friend who lived in the area. When asked about the places she was seen frequenting, she confessed that she had used methamphetamine and marijuana recently.

While conducting a search of her pickup, Deputy Pulley noted that the man was acting strangely, staring straight ahead and not moving or making eye contact with him.

“I recognized the male from prior law enforcement contacts as Kyle Jestila,” he said.

The deputy asked Jestila for identification. As he was turning, he saw a number of plastic bags containing shards of white crystal in his pockets, as well as a glass pipe. Jestila initially objected to a patdown search, but eventually relented.

On his person, the deputy located the container of crystal substance. It was later tested and confirmed to be methamphetamine, and had a packaged weight of 26.8 grams.

Jestila was placed under arrest. As he was being secured, he called out to Shaver for support.

“Tyra, don’t let me take the fall for this!” Jestila reportedly said as he was secured in Deputy Pulley’s vehicle.

Two further baggies of meth were also found in the vehicle, with a total weight of all meth determined to be 30.2 grams. Deputies also found a separate plastic container with a brown powder inside – one that deputies feared could be more dangerous than the drugs.

“Based on my training and experience I believed the substance to be fentanyl, but for officer safety reasons didn’t want to open the container to confirm it,” Deputy Pulley’s report said.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid roughly 100 times more powerful than morphine, used clinically to treat severe pain. Illegally-made fentanyl is sold in drug markets due to its heroin-like effect, and is sometimes used to cut other drugs. While accidental exposure is rare, inhaling airborne powders or prolonged contact with unprotected skin can trigger an overdose, resulting in slowed breathing, loss of consciousness, or seizure-like activity, possibly resulting in death.

Samples of the substance were sent to a drug laboratory for testing.

Once secured a the Benewah County Jail, Shaver confessed to selling the drugs. She said she shoved the substances into Jestila’s pockets as he entered the car, as she saw the deputy approach and knew she would be searched.

Shaver has been charged with trafficking in methamphetamine and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. She is being held in the Benewah County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

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