Kootenai schools has a new principal in its ranks.

Scott Davis was hired this summer to take the helm for the Kootenai School District's K-12 school.

Davis comes to the Kootenai School district with more than 25 years of experience teaching in school districts in California and Washington. He has been a principal of elementary and middle schools, and he has served as an assistant high school principal.

That experience will now be encompassed in being the principal for every grade.

“I've had fun all the way through, I love kids, I love working with them, I love academics, I love sports and being a part of activities,” Davis said. “I get a kick out of being here and I love working with students.”

Davis found himself in this area after discovering it while bringing his family to north Idaho for vacations. He said after his two children graduated from high school, he and his wife decided to seek a change of pace.

“We used to vacation all around this area, and one time drove around Lake Coeur d'Alene and came across Harrison,” Davis said. “My wife said 'wouldn't it be cool to live here,' so when our kids graduated, we wanted to come back to the northwest and be back in the trees. For me it's a lifestyle change.”

He said he is excited to get to know the students and their families as well as get to know the needs of the community. Working in a smaller district where he has a chance to learn everyone's needs and focus on the individual is what is exciting about the Kootenai School District, according to Davis.

“This school has a tremendous advantage where the average class size I think is around 13. Where I'm from the average class size was 27,” Davis said. “It's huge for the kids because they get so much individualized attention from the instructors.”

He said he wants to be able to provide a well rounded education for the students at Kootenai School and be able to have access to all kinds of areas within the academic realm.

“I have a real passion for career and technical education and I love the arts,” Davis said. “I want to see the integration of all the academics so we can have well-rounded students. I want to show students what school is going to bring to them to make them successful in life.”

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