Benewah County inmates will remain incarcerated and the law will be enforced despite concerns over the coronavirus according to Benewah County Sheriff David Resser.

Deputies will continue to make traffic stops and respond to calls, though they may keep their distance when possible.

“If we see a traffic violation we will make contact,” Sheriff Resser said. “Officers are keeping their distance. And all of my people have disinfectant and hand sanitizer in their vehicles. For us that is standard procedure anyway.”

Some prisons around the country have released inmates or authorized home detention. That is not being done in Benewah County. Individuals arrested for offenses greater than a minor misdemeanor can expect to stay in jail.

“We have not done home detention. We have sudden released all of the minor misdemeanors. And we have moved some out—the DOC has picked up a couple of their inmates that we had been housing for a while,” Sheriff Resser said.

For the safety of the remaining inmates visitation is on hold.

“We did shut down visiting but prior to doing that we talked to the inmates and let them know what was going on,” Sheriff Resser said.

As for day to day business access to the sheriff’s office is restricted, but they are still available.

Services such as VIN inspections and license renewals are on hold and subject to a 60-day grace period.

“It’s kind of like business as usual. We have taken some precautions for our personnel. Any paperwork, statements or whatever we are doing that through our door slot. If someone needs to come in we will take the precautions and allow them in one on one,” Sheriff Resser said.

Visitors will be subject to a temperature reading before entering the office.

The sheriff’s office also has a secure drop box in the lobby of the court house.

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