Chance Brown, Adysyn Osborn, Arlo Ravert, Emberlie Shoesmith, Christie Sotin, Savanna Streissguth, Lane Yearout.

1st Year

Harlen Baker, Isis Butler, Willow Davidson, Benjamin Dionne, Lucus Dionne, Philip Dionne, Josalyn Dockery, Ezra Dole, Josiah Dole, Briana Hill, Rosalyn Jacobson, Vanessa Manthie, Justus Oliver, Haiden Osterson, Chandler Rauch, Evan Scheinost, Hazel Stevenson, Juniper Stevenson, Aspen Thompson, Amie Webb, Bryce Yearout.

2nd Year

Lydia Boyett, Vanessa Carpenter, Dani Davidson, Sadie Rose Davidson, Cole Edwards, Ashleigh Hill, Kierra Jessen, Evelyn Lambson, Travis Reid, Josiah Royal, Matthew Royal, Trenten Shoesmith, Echo Steele, Ty Tankersley, Ayana Turner, Enola Turner, Katrina Turner, Charlotte Webb, Jessica Webb.

3rd Year

Braelie Caldwell, Charles Cloos, Kieran Elliott, Trey Emery, Dakota Hunter, Andrew King, Clara King, Flora King, Kodi Mitchell, Mackenzie Nelson, Jonas Oliver, Joselyn Shepperd, Kaylie Shepperd, Haylen Tankersley.

4th Year

Nisha Banjao, Addisen Edward, Jayce Emery, Makya Emery, Micah Eve, Hope Friede, Atley Gibson, Kate-Lynn Lambson, Greg Law, Jude Oliver, Millie Reid, Sierra Royal, Tyvan Royal, Garrett Shoesmith, Zackary Sotin, Isabella Wise, Jaxson Yearout.

5th Year

Kaylynn Boyett, Jacob Brewster, Cheyenne Cameron, Brenna Elliott, Emma Eve, Faye Frazier, Opal Frazier, Turstin Reid, Samantha Sindt, Minnie Stiles.

6th Year

Edward Hemphill, Caralena Humphrey, Caleb Nelson, Ava Stancil, Louis Steele.

7th Year

Lexie Brebner, Stacie Mitchell, Angela Parrish, Scott Sotin.

8th Year

Brady Boutillier, Grace Friede, Mercy Friede, Nicole Kilborn, Lyneé Law, Steven Miller, Ronald Nelson, Kaitlyn Younger.

9th Year

Hope Aasgard, Daniella Dockery, Allison Dundas, Sean Elliott, Gabrial Harold.

11th Year

Faith Friede.


1st Year (Bronze certificate and pin)

Mary Davidson, Lucretia Gable, Jill Stevenson.

2nd Year

Dale Humphrey, Darcy Humphrey, Debra Shaw.

3rd Year

Heather Burch, Shannon Eve, Trisha Hunter, Aaron King, Amber King, Erin Reid.

4th Year

Carrie Miller.

7th Year

Jamie Oliver, Suzanne Sotin, Jennifer Steele.

8th Year

Becky Harold, Cathy Stoltey.

9th Year

Debra Frye.

10th Year (Gold certificate and pin)

Gretchen Aasgard, Windy Sotin.

11th Year

Pam Mitchell.

13th Year

Lynn Masterson.

16th Year

Christine Ashmead.

20th Year (Pearl Certificate and pin)

Becky Johnston.

21st year

Ronald Nelson.

27th Year

Rhonda Amy.

32nd Year

Susan Sotin.

41st Year

Sally Grant.


Breeding Beef

Intermediate: Minnie Stiles.

Market Beef

Junior: Ty Tankersley.

Intermediate: Kaylynn Boyett.

Senior: Stacie Mitchell.

Family Flock

Junior: Cole Edwards.

Intermediate: Clara King and Jaxson Yearout.

Senior: Angela Parrish and Gabrial Harold.

Market Broiler

Junior: Dani Davidson and Sadie Rose Davidson.

Senior: Angela Parrish.

Market Turkey

Junior: Echo Steele and Bryce Yearout.

Intermediate: Louis Steele and Jaxson Yearout.

Dairy Cattle

Senior: Allison Dundas.

Dairy Goat

Junior: Enola Turner.

Meat Goat

Junior: Matthew Royal.

Intermediate: Mackenzie Nelson.

Senior: Cheyenne Cameron.


Intermediate: Hope Friede.

Senior: Hope Aasgard.

Breeding Rabbit

Senior: Cheyenne Cameron.

Market Rabbit

Senior: Sierra Royal.

Pet Rabbit

Junior: Haidyn Osterson.

Intermediate: Andrew King.

Market Sheep

Junior: Enola Turner.

Intermediate: Greg Law.

Senior: Jacob Brewster.

Market Swine

Junior: Lydia Boyett, Dani Davidson, Sadie Rose Davidson and Ty Tankersley.

Intermediate: Jayce Emery, Caralena Humphrey and Mackenzie Nelson.

Senior: Allison Dundas.

Top Overall Animal

Record Book

Caralena Humprey.



Junior: Travis Reid and Charlotte Webb.

Intermediate: Charles Cloos.

Senior: Trey Emery.

Creative Writing

Intermediate: Clara King.

Senior: Grace Friede.


Junior: Lydia Boyett.

Intermediate: Mackenzie Nelson and Josiah Royal.

Cake Decorating

Junior: Travis Reid.

Intermediate: Millie Reid.

Senior: Nicole Kilborn.


Junior: Aimee Webb.

Intermediate: Turstin Reid.

Senior: Nicole Kilborn.


Intermediate: Charles Cloos.

Hiking & Backpacking

Intermediate: Micah Eve and Andrew King.

Senior: Emma Eve.

Know your Government

Intermediate: Turstin Reid.

Senior: Makya Emery.


Intermediate: Turstin Reid.

Senior: Gabrial Harold.


Intermediate: Andrew King.


Junior: Justus Oliver.

Intermediate: Jonas Oliver.

Veterinary Science

Intermediate: Jessica Webb.

Senior: Gabrial Harold.


Archery: Trey Emery. Creative Writing: Grace Friede. Beekeeping: Mackenzie Nelson. Cake Decorating: Millie Reid. Foods: Aimee Webb. Gardening: Charles Cloos. Hiking: Andrew King. Knitting: Flora King. Know Your Government: Turstin Reid. Leadership: Gabrial Harold. Quilting: Andrew King. Survival: Jonas Oliver. Veterinary Science: Gabrial Harold.

Top General Project

Gabrial Harold.


Breeding Beef: Minnie Stiles. Market Beef: Kaitlyn Younger. Family Flock: Gabrial Harold. Market Broiler: Sadie Rose Davidson. Market Turkey: Jaxson Yearout. Dairy Cattle: Allison Dundas. Dairy Goat: Enola Turner. Meat Goat: Mackenzie Nelson. Horse: Hope Aasgard. Breeding Rabbit: Cheyenne Cameron. Market Rabbit: Sierra Royal. Pet Rabbit: Haidyn Osterson. Market Sheep: Ronald Nelson. Market Swine: Zackary Sotin.

Top Animal Project

Gabrial Harold.


County Presentations

Dani Davidson, “Murder Hornets”; Nisha Banjao, “Making a Pizza”; Sadie Rose Davidson, “Honey Bees”; Travis Reid, “Making a Peso”; Allison Dundas and Gabrial Harold, “Life Skills in 4-H”; Flora King, “Knitting”; Millie Reid, “Separating and Egg”; Clara King, “Creative Writing”; Turstin Reid, “State Capitol History”; Edward Hemphill and Turstin Reid, “What is Idaho Know Your Government (KYG)”

Livestock Judging

Minnie Stiles and Nicole Kilborn.

Cow Patty Bingo Ticket Salesman of the Year

Samantha Sindt (24 tickets) and Gabrial Harold (22 tickets).

Beef Awards

Top Market Angus Project (Sponsored by Idaho Angus Auxiliary): Ronald Nelson.

Superior Beef Award (Sponsored by Idaho Cattleman’s Association, chosen via nomination): Sean Elliott.

Horse Awards

Sponsored by Benewah County 4-H Horse Volunteer Council

Grand Champion Showman: Mercy Friede.

Reserve Champion Showman: Hope Aasgard.

Grand Champion Horse Record Book: Hope Aasgard.

Reserve Champion Horse Record Book: Hope Friede.

Sheep Awards

Sponsored by Idaho

Wool Growers Association

Grand Champion Market Sheep: Ronald Nelson.

Reserve Champion Market Sheep: Greg Law.


(chosen via nomination)

Matthew Royal.

Red Bucket Award

(chosen via nomination)

Ashleigh Hill.

Volunteer's Choice

(chosen via nomination)

Zackary Sotin.

4-Her of the year

(chosen via nomination)

Mackenzie Nelson.

Volunteer of the year

(chosen via nomination)

Becky Harold.

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