New owners take the court

(from left) Jody and Ericka Juarez are passing control of Center Court Gaming and Collectibles to local residents Sam and Brandon Taylor after 20 years in business. The business will continue to offer trading cards and memorabilia, and the Taylors are looking into more events for video games and Lego build days in the future.

After 20 years running a St. Maries gaming shop, a local couple is passing the reins of their business to a new generation.

Jody and Ericka Juarez are retiring from Center Court Gaming and Collectibles, a business they have run for two decades in the Center Court Mall on Main Ave. The business offers trading cards, toys and gaming events to local youth.

The couple is now passing control of their business to Brandon and Sam Taylor. Both St. Maries natives and alumni of St. Maries High School, they have been regular customers at the shop for many years. They now live in St. Maries with children Cayden, Bryson and Athena.

“We’ve done it for 20 years, and felt it was time,” Mrs. Juarez said. “We’ve had some life events in the last year that made us think about things, so we felt it was time to pass the torch to Brandon and Sam. They have a passion for gaming, so we knew it would be in good hands.”

“I’ve been coming here since I was little,” Mr. Taylor said. “We moved away for a little while and came back four years ago, and I’ve been coming in pretty much weekly.”

Center Court Gaming and Collectibles will continue to offer trading cards, though they will be discontinuing sports card sales and trades. He said they are also planning to expand into local video gaming tournaments, with plans to set up Lego build tournaments in the near future.

“We’ve got some ideas, and we’re looking to get them rolling,” Mr. Taylor said.

Center Court Gaming and collectibles is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the summer.

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