The Benewah County Humane Society seeks motivated individuals, who are passionate about animals, their community and are willing to jump in and work hard to serve on their board.

“We have had people step down for various reasons and are in need of new members willing to jump in and work and be active,” Jim Shubert said.

Ideally, the board has nine members. Currently, it is only operating with four.

“We also are in need of two people who can write grants for us,” Nancy Fitzgerald said. “We have someone who can help them get started but cannot continue to do it.”

Grants are one of the main sources of income for the St. Maries animal shelter, which runs solely on grants, fundraisers and donations.

“We need people who want to do event planning and fundraisers,” Mr. Shubert said.

In other news, due to the COVID-19 virus, Hope’s Haven is changing some operating procedures. Visitors will be limited to keep staff and volunteers healthy so they can continue to care for the animals. There will no longer be general admission for the viewing of animals. 

Adoptions will be conducted on a case by case basis. If interested, visit Hope’s Haven Facebook page. Call 208-245-7387 if there is an animal that may be a good fit or your home.

Mr. Shubert said the shelter is not taking in animals at this time. If you find a stray, you are encouraged to post it on the shelter’s Facebook page.

“If you’re able and willing, you might want to foster a dog or cat you find,” Mr. Shubert said. Call the shelter if you think your lost pet may be at the shelter.

Spay and neuter clinics have been canceled as Washington State University is no longer operating. This has also affected the shelter’s ability to take in new animals as they cannot be spayed or neutered.

The shelter’s thrift store will continue to operate for now, but may change at a later date.

“More than ever we need the community’s support,” Mrs. Fitzgerald said. “We are here for the community and will help where we can. You can call us and our staff will return your call when they are able.”

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