The St. Maries High School Drama club is slated for three performances this week.

The drama club will bring it’s rendition of “Bottle of Joy” to students at the UpRiver School and Valley Vista on Thursday Dec. 19, and the rest of the St. Maries Community at the Heyburn gym on Friday Dec. 20.

This will be the first time that the SMHS drama club will host its performance at the Heyburn gym. One of the club’s advisers, Kippy Silflow, said that due to fire safety concerns, the group will no longer perform in the high school cafeteria.

Ms. Silflow said that though the Heyburn can seat more people, she hopes that the change in location doesn’t affect the overall turnout.

“I’m hoping that hosting the play at the Heyburn doesn’t do the opposite of what we are wanting,” Ms. Silfow said. “We had a good system at the high school, there is lots of parking and there was a shuttle that would bring people up to the cafeteria. I’m just hoping that we can still get a good pull.”

Friday’s production will be presented with performances by the high school band and a presentation by the high school’s art program.

Members of the drama club said that they are excited to bring their production to various residents in the area. Some of the students said that they hope to influence their younger audience.

“That’s how I came into drama, I saw another kid perform in a play and it made me want to join ,” Senior Jennifer Sonnichsen said.

Senior Sierra Vannatter, who has been a part of the drama club since her freshman year, said that performing in drama has help with her shyness and that the club has helped her grow throughout the years. She said that performing in the comedy will bring some cheer to residents at Valley Vista.

“I hope the members of Valley Vista take away a lot of joy and happiness from the performance,” Sierra said.

Ms. Silflow said that the group selects plays based on turnout each semester. She said that she and the other director, Courtney Irelan, try to make it to where everyone can be involved in the production.

“When we have tryouts in the fall, Ms. Irelan and I strongly feel that anyone who wants to have a part, can have a part,” Ms. Silflow said. “We are small and there is no reason that someone should be left out.”

Ms. Silflow said that since the turnout for drama was smaller this semester that they decided on shorter play. She said that having the smaller group has it’s advantages.

“Places like Upriver and Valley Vista don’t have a lot of room or a stage,” Ms. Silflow said. “So having a smaller group will help with being able to put on a full performance in smaller areas. Having this size of group makes it easier to be able to take our play to places like that.”

The Friday performance of “Bottle of Joy” will be at 6:30 p.m at the Heyburn gym on Friday, Dec 20. Admission is $2 per person, or two cans of non-perishable, non-expired food, which will be donated to the local food drive.

For more information contact the high school at 208-245-2142.

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