The Benewah County auto licensing department will no longer sell boat registrations or off-road vehicle stickers.

The Benewah County Assessor, Donna Spier, said that the licensing department had integrated their system with the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) and had been selling the boat registrations and off road vehicle since she could remember.

Ms. Spier said that the IDPR recently changed their system. As part of the change, the Benewah County Licensing Department will no longer be able to sell the registrations.

“I don’t think people realized they were from a separate entity,” Ms. Spier said.

She said that losing the ability to sell the boat registrations and off-road stickers will not hurt the county, but instead it could inconvenience residents.

“We were only making about $1.50 per transaction, so there is no significant loss for the county,” Ms. Spier said. “It hurts the people. People still have to buy their plates through us. They used to be able to do it all right here but that won’t be the case anymore.”

“It makes it harder for customers right now and one stop shopping will no longer be the case,” Ms. Spier said.

Residents can now find the link to register their boats and ATV’s at

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